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Posted by Dennis

SNUFF Tour Tshirts Are Here!

SNUFF Tour Tshirts Are Here! and boy do they rock.  These are easily my favorite shirts we've ever made.  We made similar shirts last year for "Rant", and people gobbled them up and wore them to the live readings Chuck did.  Unfortunatley, this year we got stalled, and so the shirts won't be here until Monday, May 19th.  They will then begin shipping Tues and Wed (May 20th, 21st).  Mirka has already taken off both of those days.  The problem is, Chuck's actual Snuff tour begins on the 20th.  So people attending the first few dates will probably miss out on having one of these shirts to wear.  

Girls Snuff Tour Tshirt (front)  Mens Snuff Tour Tshirt (front)

Order The SNUFF Tour Shirts Today!

Posted by Dennis

SNUFF Tour: NYC Barnes & Noble Reading Canceled

Update: Hey folks.  I spoke to Chuck this weekend and he assured me that he's already trying to reschedule an event for the New York fans.  He said this would probably occur towards the end of the summer / beginning of the Fall (to coincide with the new release date of 'Choke').

I have some very unfortunate news.  The New York City Banes & Noble reading for Snuff has been canceled.  Here's the official word from his publishers:

Posted by Dennis

Release Date Of CHOKE Movie Pushed To September

I actually think this is good news.  Choke will have a much better run and gain more exposure and word of mouth if it's not jampacked into the middle of one of the craziest tentpole movie blockbuster summers in recent history.  With that, here is the lovely Samantha Bond, from the publicity department of Fox 2000:

Hi Dennis-

JUST found out that the film is officially moving from August 1st to September 26th for its theatrical release. That date is official and ok to put on your site let fans know.

Oh, and you had asked about festival screenings. The following have been confirmed for CHOKE:

Los Angeles Film Festival: June 23rd and June 25th
CineVegas Film Festival, Las Vegas, NV: June 20th
Sundance @ BAM, Brooklyn, NY: screening on June 5th and June 7th, Q&A with Clark Gregg
Seattle Int'l Film Festival: June 5th and June 7th 

Posted by Dennis

SNUFF Promo: Trailer For Cassie Wright's "Chitty Chitty Gang Bang"

Today in the news, we've picked up wind of another vintage trailer from Cassie Wright's legendary arsenal of 'films'.  This one's for the memorable "Chitty Chitty Gang Bang", a pervert's Citizen Kane if there ever was one.

Stay tuned for "The Twilight Bone".

Posted by Dennis

Chuck Palahniuk's May Essay, "Required Reading: Absurdity"

Chuck Palahniuk's May Essay, Required Reading: AbsurdityWell, it's May 13th and at last, we have the new essay from Chuck.  This essay came a little later this month, and then we made it even later on our end.  I apologize for that.  We'll be sure to give it a full month's run.  And those of you who have been eagerly waiting for the April essay to go all access, you can check it out now for free.

Chuck has comitted to 1 year of these, so expect 7 more yet for 2008.  Also remember that, for the first month they are posted, these essays are only available to Premium Members.  Basic Members can view them one month later.  So come June 13th, this new essay will be available to all, free, for one month only. 

Read Chuck's May Essay, Required Reading: Absurdity

Dennis's picture Posted by Dennis

Mike Carey Interview

Liverpool's Finest
Garrett Faber
Mike Carey

Mike Carey is one of Liverpool's finest. He's a devoted husband and father who worked as a teacher for 15 years. So, where does he get this massive imagination? With such a seemingly normal life, from what recesses of his mind does he pull these fantastically imaginative tales of the strange and unusual? After all, this is the guy who gave Lucifer a voice and took the reigns of the  character after Neil Gaiman -- a tough act to follow -- but Carey's run on Lucifer garnered him a Eisner Award nomination.

Posted by Dennis

Cassie Wright SNUFF Promotion Makes It On Fleshbot!

Fleshbot, a highly popular Gawker site, just ran a quick story about the viral marketing Doubleday has unleashed to promote Chuck Palahniuk's upcoming novel Snuff.

It's nice to see the efforts of all beging recognized like this.  Like I said, I've never seen marketing like this for a book release before, and I'm thrilled that it seems to be working. 

Read The Article Here!

Posted by Dennis

SNUFF Promo: Trailer For Cassie Wright's "The Wizard Of Ass"

Hot off the heels of Chuck Palahniuk's indepth and thought-provoking interview with the now fledgling pornstar Cassie Wright, comes a trailer of Cassie during her past heyday.  This is for her bestselling movie "The Wizard Of Ass".

Dennis's picture Posted by Dennis

As I Lay Mostly Dying

Stephen Graham Jonesby Stephen Graham Jones

Everybody loves to badtalk the adverb, and I’ll usually jump right on that bandwagon.

Posted by Dennis

ESPN Story On Real Fight Clubs

Here's a video story did on real fight clubs.  It chronicles a group of Sillicone Valley workers who meet regularly to do you know what.  Prepare though: This isn't what you'd immediately imagine in your head when you hear 'fight club' and think of the movie.  I dare say, this looks a little ridiculous.