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Posted by Dennis

First Image Of Sam Rockwell In Choke

Sam Rockwell in Chuck Palahniuk's Choke.

The boys over at Twitch got the first still of Sam Rockwell in Choke!

With the announcement that Choke will be debuting at The Sundance Film Festival last week, you can bet we'll be seeing many more screenshots popping in soon.

Can't wait!

Posted by Dennis

Choke Gets Into Sundance 2008!

Choke by Chuck PalahniukI actually knew about this last week, via an email from Chuck, but I wasn't sure I should post about it just yet. But seeing as how the news hit the internet yesterday about the 2008 Sundance Film Festival line-up, I figure you should all know. Here's the direct quote from Chuck:

Posted by Dennis

Pre-Order Snuff, Chuck's Upcoming Novel!

Snuff by Chuck PalahniukWell, in the wee hours of the night, when I wasn't looking, the pre-order page for Chuck's next book Snuff made it's way onto It's slated to be released on May 20th, 2008. As always though, this information could change.

Posted by Dennis

Chelsea Cain Interviewed by Chuck Palahniuk

Heartsick by Chelsea CainAnother author has broken onto the scene from the midst of Monday night workshops with none other than Chuck Palahniuk. First it was Monica Drake. Now comes Chelsea Cain, whose debut novel Heartsick is a dark thriller about a detective tracking a serial killer whose snatching teenage girls up off the streets of Portland. Check out Chuck's praise for the book:

"With Gretchen Lowell, Chelsea Cain gives us the most compelling, most original serial killer since Hannibal Lecter." - Chuck Palahniuk

Chelsea's publishers were nice enough to send us some hardcovers of the book. And in just reading the first page, it's safe to say I'm already hooked. But wait, it gets better. Chuck and Chelsea shared a sort of interview/discussion about writing. The full piece can be found on the audio book of 'Heartsick'.

Posted by Dennis

Invisible Monsters Movie Announced?

Invisible Monsters by Chuck PalahniukThis may be nothing, but Invisible Monsters popped up on the IMDB last week here: This project has long been in development with newcomer Jesse Peyronel behind the helm as writer and director. Jesse had a lot of success with a short film before impressing Chuck Palahniuk and his agent with his screenplay adaptation of Invisible Monsters. In fact, Chuck was so impressed that he fully endorsed Jesse's optioning of the project for one year to try and raise the money for it. It was during this year that all the rumors started. The one that stuck the most was that Jessica Biel would be starring as Shannon. Then Parker Posey's name began popping up too. And pretty soon, even Miramax Films had entered the mix. But when the year was up, and the option ran out, it seemed Monsters was no closer to a greenlight.

Posted by Dennis

Choke Movie Begins Shooting!

Choke by Chuck PalahniukSome of those articles we saw appear online and on The Cult yesterday already mentioned this, but I have an inside scoop about the shooting of 'Choke' that began last week from someone who was actually there and witnessed it all.

From Angry Ritch (on MySpace):

Posted by Dennis

Real Life 'Guts' Story?


Girl Seriously Injured After Sitting On Pool Drain

(AP) Minneapolis A 6-year-old Edina, Minn. girl is hospitalized after a horrific accident at a swimming pool.

Abigail Taylor was severely injured Tuesday when she sat over an open drain hole in a wading pool at the Minneapolis Golf Club. According to a posting by her family on the Caring Bridge Web site, the drain's powerful suction tore out part of her intestinal tract.