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Posted by Dennis

Real Fight Club In Union Square, NY!?

Apologies, as this news is now old.  Though I didn't see too many people discussing it here on The Cult.  My buddy Josh sent it my way.

It seems there was a real live fight club going on, right in the center of Union Sqaure in NYC late May.

Posted by Dennis

Snuff Tour: European Dates At Last!

"Snuff" European Tour DatesAt last, we have some European Snuff tour dates coming up.  There's not that many but then again, Chuck has never really been able to do a full blown overseas tour.  So be happy that he's able to do any at all.  Here are the details:

Camden Roundhouse
Tuesday 12th August, 8pm

Tickets £6.00
Available from Borders Islington or the Roundhouse, Chalk Farm Road NW1

Posted by Dennis

Chuck Palahniuk's July Essay, "Names Versus Pronouns"

For those of you that don't know, we have a rare gift on our site. Something anyone wishing to be a writer -- or simply wanting to improve their craft in writing -- will benefit from greatly.

Posted by Dennis

Dennis' Review Of 'Choke'

'Choke' directed by Clark Gregg.I saw Choke Monday night at the LA Film Festival.  This was the Los Angeles premiere of the movie, and Fox Searchlight Pictures graciously sent me two tickets so that my roommate and I could attend.  I'll admit right off the bat, this was a thing I was sort of worried about.  It's been almost nine years since our last Chuck Palahniuk movie adaptation.  Since Fight Club. During that time, everyone under the sun h

Posted by mirka

SURVIVOR T-Shirts Return... With A Raffle!

Want to order your very own Survivor shirt AND save with free shipping AND!!! qualify for a chance to win signed Chuck Palahniuk collectible books?  Then read on for more!

Dennis's picture Posted by Dennis

Brian K. Vaughan Interview

The Last Man
Garrett Faber
Brian K. Vaughan

Brian K Vaughan a superstar in the realm of comic books.  Although he's too cool to say that about himself, it's cool if I say it. He has won the Eisner, Harvey, and Shuster Awards for his critically acclaimed works Y: The Last Man (which is currently being developed into a movie with New Line Cinema) and Ex Machina (also being developed, at a much slower pace.) He's written such mainstream comics as Wolverine, Captain America, Green Lantern, Swamp Thing, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

In addition to these accomplishments, Brian also won the award for "2006 Best Comic's Writer" from Wizard Magazine. Most recently, he's broken out of the comic book writing medium and ventured into the realm of TV, writing for some show called Lost. Ever heard of it? 

Posted by Dennis

Chuck Palahniuk Signs & Inscribes SNUFF At St. Helens Book Shop!

'Snuff' by Chuck PalahniukUpdate: St. Helen's is shipping more signed 'Snuff' books this week.  They have a cut off time for the next batch of orders of Wednesday, 6/11/08 at 10am Pacific Time.  This is so that we can best prepare for the orders, and reorder Thursday, if need be.  

Our favorite affiliates, and friends to The Cult, St. Helens Book Shop, are accepting orders for Chuck Palahniuk's newest book SNUFF.  Chuck will be stopping by the store soon to sign and personally inscribe all orders that come through the site before the cut-off time.

Order Your Signed & Inscribed Copy of SNUFF today!

The way this works is: You should get your order in as soon as possible.  Then, on the order form, you write down exactly how you'd like your book inscribed.  When Chuck arrives to the store, he fulfills all the orders, and then St. Helens promptly ships them to you.

Posted by Dennis

PreOrder The New Non-Fiction Anthology 'You Do Not Talk About Fight Club' Today!

You Do Not Talk About Fight Club: I Am Jack's Completely Unauthorized Essay CollectionFor many of you, the conception of this anthology slipped under the radar.  I don't think I was even sure it was happening until they asked me to contribute to it.  You Do Not Talk About Fight Club: I Am Jack's Completely Unauthorized Essay Collection (wow, that's a mouthfull), is an anthology of essays written about Fight Club, Chuck Palahniuk, and his other works.  It was edited by Read Mercer Schuchardt, a fellow attendee of the first Chuck Palahniuk conference held in Edinboro, PA.  (we made a documentary about the second one).  Similar to people like Jeff Sartain, upon first meeting Read, I was struck by what an academic he was.  I mean that in the best way.  Read was one of the first Palahniuk fans I met that wanted to seriously analyze Chuck's works, and push others to do the same. 

Posted by Dennis

SNUFF Tour: Reading In Austin, TX!

"Snuff" by Chuck PalahniukChuck will be wrapping up his US tour for Snuff in Austin, TX tonight.  I did receive word from Chuck's agent last night that there will be a few select stops in Europe soon.  Once I have those dates, I'll post them here.

Thursday, June 5 – Austin, TX
Book People
Interview, Q&A, signing offsite @
Offsite address TBD
*Interviewer: Pat Beach, book reviewer for the Austin Statesman

For any of you attending, please take plenty of pictures and submit them to us here!  You can also use this thread to type up your accounts of the reading tonight! 

Last, please remember these specific instructions on how the signing is going to work at each store.