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Posted by Dennis

"Rant" Gets A Movie Option!

'Rant' gets a movie option!

I was contacted this week by a film industry friend and producer who has just optioned the rights to the movie version of 'Rant'. He kindly asked me to keep this nondescript for now, but I can say that 'Rant' is officially optioned now and is in the early stages of development. We'll keep you informed as they progress onward.

Posted by Mark Vanderpool

Cult Master's Program Breaks New Ground

Jon Leiberman Teaches The Latest Cult Master's Course!The Cult Master's Program is back in action with a fall line-up that breaks new ground, adding journalism and non-fiction writing to our exciting roster of upcoming classes.  First on this new menu is a killer opportunity for anyone who has ever admired the skills of top investigative reporters or wondered how to add depth and credibility to writing of all kinds through the deployment of advanced research and sleuthing skills.

To lead us on this journey, I have recruited a top player in the field.  Jon Leiberman is an Emmy award-winning investigative correspondent who has filed hundreds of reports on fugitives across the country and abroad for the FOX TV show “America’s Most Wanted.” An expert in all things crime, he regularly appears on shows including “The Today Show,” “Shepard Smith’s Fox Report”, “Nancy Grace,” “The Dan Abrams Report” and “The Maury Povich Show,” and is quoted extensively on crime stories in newspapers throughout the country.

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Christa Faust Interview

You Were Expecting A Dude?
Rob Hart
Christa Faust

Close your eyes. Well, not yet. Read the next paragraph first.

Picture a hard-boiled bad-ass. That noir anti-hero with blood-flecked armor, imperfect but too cool to show it. Lighting a cigarette and staring off into the distance with that world-weary look of someone who knows all the angles but still can't figure out how the hell they got into this mess.

OK, now you can close your eyes, and once you get that image of that person in your head, open them back up.


You pictured a guy, didn't you?

Posted by Dennis

Chuck Palahniuk's August Essay, "Nuts & Bolts: Plot Points"

/workshop/chucks-essays-2008-32Hey guys, apologies for getting this one up late.  Lots of our Cult staff (myself included) are doing the whole summer-vacation-with-the-family thing.  But we're all back at home now (kind of) and have Chuck's August essay, "Nuts & Bolts: Plot Points" ready for you to devour. 

Posted by Dennis

Chuck Is Reading In NYC! With Moderator, Amy Hempel! SOLD OUT!

Chuck Palahniuk reading at The Strand in NY, with moderator Amy Hempel!  August 30th!

UPDATE: You can pre-order signed copies of all of Chuck’s books on our site and view the event live on STRAND TV

You'll remember that Chuck had to cancel his stop in New York last minute for his recently ended 'Snuff' tour.  You'll also remember that Chuck promised his fans he would make it up to them as soon as he could.  Well, that day has come.

I just heard from Chuck's publicist and it's official: Chuck will be reading at The Strand on August 30th.  And Amy Hempel will be the moderator of the event!  Here are the hard details:

Chuck Palahniuk at The Strand (NYC)
August 30th, 1pm
*Event is limited to 125 people.
**Tickets have to be purchased, but this guarantees a signed copy of SNUFF (like they did last year with RANT)

Purchase Tickets Here!

Tickets include a personalized copy of SNUFF and a Strand tote bag. Also, Todd has requested that the fans are able to also have two other Chuck Palahniuk books signed, that don't have to be bought at The Strand.

The events coordinator at The Strand was going to send out a big eblast to their newsletter tomorrow morning at 8am, announcing the event and ticket info.  But Chuck's publicist asked her to wait until Saturday so we could give you all the news first.


Posted by Dennis

Win Tickets To An Exclusive Preview Screening Of CHOKE

UPDATE: The date of the CHOKE screening will be August 11th, at 7pm!

Hey guys.  Chuck's UK publicists asked me to post this, for all of those in the London location, excited that Chuck is coming to England.

Win tickets to an exclusive preview screening of ‘Choke’

Time Out has teamed up with Fox Searchlight to offer you the chance to win one of five pairs of tickets to an exclusive preview screening of ‘Choke’, starring Sam Rockwell and Anjelica Huston and based on the novel by Chuck Palahniuk (author of ‘Fight Club’).

This is an exciting opportunity to see this much-anticipated new film at an exclusive
London location two months before it goes on general release.

The screening, which takes place on August 11th at 7pm in central
, will be followed by a Q&A with the author Chuck Palahniuk. Five runners-up will win a copy of Chuck Palahniuk’s new novel ‘Snuff’ (in stores August 7 priced £12.99).

Posted by Dennis

Chuck Is Reading In Seattle, WA Tuesday Night!

UPDATE: Here is the website for the event with more info!

It seems Chuck is doing a reading event in Seattle tomorrow (Tuesday) night at the University of Washington.

Tuesday night, July 29th
7 pm at Kane Hall
The University of Washington campus

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Ed Brubaker Interview

The Comic Book World
Garrett Faber
Ed Brubaker

Ed Brubaker has a very nice hat. He originally thought our interview was a Mark Millar prank because I asked him about writing a Batman porno story. I was serious, and he sincerely answered the question, which is pretty cool.

Last time I looked, he was on Wizard's top ten comics writers, and that's pretty cool. He's also known as the writer who killed Captain America. Yep, he's that guy.  I remember that story making the newspapers and I'd hate to pigeon-hole Ed into that role, so I'll also say he's the writer who killed Captain America, but he also wrote The Authority, X-Men, Batman, Daredevil, Catwoman, and that Law and Order in Gotham series Gotham Central. He's a writing machine and ex juvenile delinquent who likes to go bowling on his rare occurrences of free time, Church.