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Chuck Palahniuk's December Essay, "A Story from Scratch, Act Three"

/workshop/chucks-essays-2008-36Welcome to December. I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving.  I personally drank too much the night before, and was so hung-over, I couldn't taste anything the next day.  So alas, all that great taste was robbed from me.. Today, we continue with, what is easily, one of the best features from Chuck we have ever included on this site.

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Thomas Jane & Tim Bradstreet

Double Feature
Joshua Jabcuga
Thomas Jane & Tim Bradstreet Interview on

Thomas Jane is an actor who has taken on some iconic roles. He played the lead in THE PUNISHER. Mickey Mantle in 61*. And he's also starred in two films based on the work of Stephen King, most recently THE MIST. He's currently in post-production on his directorial debut, THE DARK COUNTRY. Thomas Jane is also no stranger to the comic book medium or its fans, thanks in large part to his work with fan favorite artist Timothy Bradstreet.

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Chuck Palahniuk Crafts Swap Site

Chuck Palahniuk Handmade Crafts

This is a piece of news that can only exist with the awesome fans of Chuck Palahniuk. It seems someone has gone and set up a site where Chuck fans can take pictures of and swap their handmade Palahniuk items. Similar to how Chuck himself hand-makes a lot of items he sends out in his fan mail packages, idea organizer, Anna Knight, has seized inspiration from that and given it a home. From Anna:

I recently organized a Chuck Palahniuk Swap on a craft website,, and I thought I'd send a link to the gallery of it. The guidelines were that everyone sent 4 handmade items and some gag gifts like Chuck sends to his fans.

The gallery is here:
(You can click the little green tab towards the top that says 'show images only' to view the pics easier)

The original thread:

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Stephen Romano

Grinding Out a Riot Act
Joshua Jabcuga
Stephen Romano Interview on

Take a drop of Joe R. Lansdale's blood. Then a slice from David J. Schow's scalp. Scrape some phlegm off Tarantino's tongue. Inject some of Robert Rodriguez's sperm. Pour in some Karo syrup. Mix it in a blender. Pour. These are just some of the ingredients of Stephen Romano's unique work.

Stephen Romano is a mutant. He's a military science experiment gone all bug-fuck bad. He's a dangerous DIY author/artist/hyphenate. Residing in Austin, Texas, Stephen Romano is best known as the screenwriter who, along with the infamous Don Coscarelli (Phantasm), brought to life Joe R. Lansdale's "Incident On and Off A Mountain Road" for the pilot episode of Showtime's Masters of Horror series. Stephen also released THE RIOT ACT, a collection of his balls-to-the-wall short stories, in which Joe R. Lansdale wrote, "This may be the best new short story collection I've read in years. Stephen Romano isn't fucking around."

If the buzz surrounding his new book, SHOCK FESTIVAL, is any indication, Stephen Romano's work will not only turn heads, it's going to make heads roll, because no, he isn't fucking around. FANGORIA called it "One of the greatest homages to B-cinema ever undertaken." FILM THREAT described it as "A stone groove and as badass a tome as you're likely to come across this year or next."

Here Stephen Romano talks with Joshua Jabcuga about SHOCK FESTIVAL, his love of movies, and working as a professional screenwriter.

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Chuck Palahniuk In The Hollywood Reporter

This news is about a month old now, but it's worth mentioning. Chuck Palahniuk did a cool q&a with The Hollywood Reporter during the 'Choke' release.

Take special note of the last question, where Chuck is asked about a possible collaboration with DC Comics.

Read the interview here

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George Gallo

A Wonderful Life
Christopher Stipp
George Gallo Interview on

As a writer of a book you have only yourself to depend on to get it made. You’re the one who has to come up with the words, you are the one who strings together the narrative and, ultimately, you are the only one who gets named in the reviews. With a movie, however, you are only as good as the relationships you develop with those who can take your written work and make it something fluid and real. George Gallo, writer and director of LOCAL COLOR, had to pull in a phalanx of relationships he’s developed with some of Hollywood’s elite in order to get his film made. Based on the portrait of an artist as a young man, George’s own evolution as someone who dabbled in paints rather than celluloid, the movie captures what it meant to be young and to have spent time with a master of his craft.

Film Makers
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Go Out And Vote!!!

Go Out And Vote!
For me, this is the most important election of my life. Therefore, this is probably one of the most important posts I've ever made on this site. And hey, it's not even Chuck Palahniuk related. Today is Election Day. This was the longest election campaign in our history, and its impact and consequences on the country can be huge. Simply put, it's a monumental occasion. So all of you need to go out and cast your ballot today. Go vote! I won't lie, I'm voting for Barack Obama. I've been a supporter of his since I first read about him over a year ago. I've even donated to his campaign. This isn't about Obama though. It's not about McCain. It's about you. So don't waste the opportunity this country has given you. Here is a link with voting information. Here is an easy way to find your closest polling station.