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Bret Easton Ellis on "The Informers" Movie

A Conflicted Reaction
Dennis Widmyer
Bret Easton Ellis interview on

On April 24th, The Informers, the latest adaptation of a Bret Easton Ellis novel, hits select theaters.  For Ellis, this is a particularly unique adaptation as this is the first time that he has a co-screenwriter credit on the finished product.  In fact, Ellis was involved during every stage of production, from writing over seventeen drafts of the script, to being on set, to viewing tons of cuts in the editing studio.  It is perhaps for this reason that it hits him harder than most that the end result of the film is something he has very conflicted

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Jerry Stahl

Jerking Off To Sesame Street
Becky Fritter
Jerry Stahl Interview on

Often it’s noted that fiction work mimics reality; especially the author’s known and experienced reality. This would certainly explain Jerry Stahl’s newest release Pain Killers. After all, the protagonist is a jaded ex-addict whose tone sounds similar to Stahl’s own narrations in his narco-memoir Permanent Midnight. How would one explain, though, how he writes with such familiarity about the book’s other key concepts – Nazis, hookers and transvestite urine (oh my!)?

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Chuck's February Feedback Of Workshop Submissions

Chuck Palahniuk reads and reviews your original stories! (photo by John Gress)

Remember earlier this year when we unveiled the awesome news that, not only would Chuck Palahniuk be reading five original fan stories every month, submitted via our Workshop, but that he'd also be critiquing each story and providing invaluable feedback? And remember when we also said that at the end of the year, Chuck would choose his favorite stories and publish them in an anthology on his dime? Well yeah, all that's happening right now. Chuck may have already even found a publisher for the project. But let's not get ahead of ourselves here.

First, we have Chuck's story critiques on the five February selections that were sent his way last month.

*You'll need to be a Premium Member to view this page.

Premium Membership is what allows you to join our unique Writers' Workshop AND participate in this amazing opportunity.  Once you have this Membership, you are eligible to be selected to have your work read by Chuck, and possibly even included in this ground-breaking Anthology next year. 

Still not convinced this is worth it?  Well, let us alleviate any hesitation you may have. Mark Vanderpool, our diligent Workshop Administrator, has graciously allowed an excerpt of his selected story to be published on the site for all members to see.  Not only that, but it also includes the direct criticism and feedback Chuck gave it last month.

Read Mark's story.  Then scroll down further to read Chuck's criticism of the story.  And if you're still not convinced, then frankly, you're nuts.

This is an opportunity unlike any other you may be given for your dreams of becoming a published writer.  I can liken it to Radiohead asking fans of theirs who are in bands, to submit demo tapes to them that they would then listen to, provide helpful feedback on, and then, if they liked it... they would produce, mix and distribute it for you a year later.

So what the hell are you waiting for already? 

Join The Workshop!

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Tour Dates For "Pygmy"!

Today is the day you've been waiting for.  Tour dates for Chuck's upcoming book "Pygmy" are here.  Below are the cities and dates.  Click each link below for specific details in our awesome new Calendar section.

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Another Positive Review of 'Pygmy'

Another positive of 'Pygmy' just turned up.  This one from Booklist.  Props to Keir Graff for shooting this one our way.

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Chris Ryall

The Space(man) Between Panels
Joshua Jabcuga
Chris Ryall Interview on

The publisher behind 30 DAYS OF NIGHT, GI JOE, STAR TREK, TRANSFORMERS, and Joss Whedon's ANGEL, IDW Publishing is celebrating its tenth year as a creative force in entertainment field. Iconoclast Clive Barker called Chris Ryall, IDW's editor-in-chief and publisher, "...a thoroughly decent human being who jus so happens to be brilliant."

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"Fight Club" Inspired, Fan-Made Photo Shoot

Big props to Luke Felton.  Him and his buddies got together one Friday night and re-enacted some of the great scenes from 'Fight Club'.  Lotta love, enthusiasm and talent here.