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Get Some Exposure On!

Advertise On!

I don't do this often enough, but now is a good time to remind you that we are always looking for people to advertise on Chuck has a new book coming out on May 5th. He's starting his tour that same day. And he's currently doing press in major magazines to promote it all.

Posted by Dennis

Chuck Palahniuk Interview In The May Issue Of Playboy

Chuck Palahniuk interview in the May issue of Playboy.I wanted to get this one up sooner, as the magazine has been on newstands for over a week now, but we've been sort of deluged by news updates lately.  (and the 'Pygmy' tour hasn't even started yet!).  Anyway, Chuck Palahniuk is the main interview in the May issue of Playboy, now out.

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Pygmy Tour: More Tickets Added To NYC Strand Reading!

Hey, guys!  With the May 6th reading for Chuck Palahniuk's Pygmy tour close to selling out, the good people of The Strand have decided to move the event to a larger venue.  This will allow them to offer more tickets.  Enough from me though, here's the word from The Strand:

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'Pygmy' CANADA Tour Dates!

Chuck Palahniuk Canadian tour dates!

'Pygmy' tour dates for Canada are here.   Click each link below for the specific Calendar page, which includes more details on the event, such as websites, times, phone numbers and locations.  Also, read below for instructions for each event.

Toronto, ON - May 12th
Details here

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Bret Easton Ellis on "The Informers" Movie

A Conflicted Reaction
Dennis Widmyer
Bret Easton Ellis interview on

On April 24th, The Informers, the latest adaptation of a Bret Easton Ellis novel, hits select theaters.  For Ellis, this is a particularly unique adaptation as this is the first time that he has a co-screenwriter credit on the finished product.  In fact, Ellis was involved during every stage of production, from writing over seventeen drafts of the script, to being on set, to viewing tons of cuts in the editing studio.  It is perhaps for this reason that it hits him harder than most that the end result of the film is something he has very conflicted