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Generation A

"Generation A" by Doulgas Coupland
Joshua Chaplinsky
Douglas Coupland re-imagines storytelling yet again with this spiritual successor to his bestselling debut, Generation X

It’s been almost twenty years (!) since a young Canuck named Douglas Coupland burst onto the literary scene with a full head of hair and his caustic wit, and although his pate bears witness to the ravages of time, his observations are no less sharp.

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'Fight Club' Tshirts: New Model Pics Posted!

'Fight Club' 10th Anniversary Tshirts - Now Selling!

Our brand new 10th Anniversary Fight Club Tshirts are now shipping!  If you haven't yet placed your order for one of these amazing shirts...

Order Your 'Fight Club' Tshirt Today!

Many of you were holding off on your orders until we had some modeling shots to show you.  Well, as of last week, I got some friends together and we took about 400 pictures of them wearing the 'Fight Club' shirts.  To see some of the best pics we captured, check out our Fight Club Tshirt gallery!  We purposely photographed people with different body types, so you can get a full idea of how the shirts will look on you.

'Fight Club' 10th Anniversary Tshirts - Now Selling!

Also don't forget that we are co-promoting the sale of these awesome Tshirts with the limited edition posters that the designer, Kevin Tong, has put together.  The design features the high-rez image from the shirts, which you can see below.  These posters are selling out quick, and there will not be another run of them.  The poster is hand screen printed, four colors, on 18 x 24 inch Cornflower Blue 100 lb Cover Paper in a limited edition of 200. It costs $30.  For more details as well as pictures of the poster:

Order Your Limited Edition 'Fight Club' Poster Here!

Unfortunately, the t-shirt and the poster must be ordered separately as they ship from different locations.

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Josh Bazell

Paging Doctor Kickass
Rob Hart
Josh Bazell

How good is Josh Bazell's debut novel, Beat the Reaper?

Last year I took my girlfriend to see Equus. During intermission, I pulled the book out of my bag to see how much I could read before the show started again. That's the measure of a great book - one where you spend your day looking for moments to get in a few more pages.

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Look At The Birdie

"Look At The Birdie" by Kurt Vonnegut
Joshua Chaplinsky
Vonnegut haunts us from the grave with another posthumous collection of effortless short fiction.

His second posthumous collection of prehumous stories, Look At The Birdie focuses on the unpublished early work of Vonnegut's formative years. Phantonymns aside, the stories that make up Birdie share a specific point in time. Whereas the stories in his previous collection, Armageddon in Retrospect, shared the themes of war and peace, the stories that make up Birdie paint a broad picture of post World War II America by nature of when they were written. 

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The Paris Review Interviews

'The Paris Review Interviews' edited by Philip Gourevitch
Phil Jourdan
Essential advice for writers, from the literary greats.

From the 1950s onwards, The Paris Review contributors have engaged in wonderful conversations with some of the world’s greatest authors: Faulkner, Gardner, Hemingway, Mailer, Joyce Carol Oates… These interviews may be, as Dave Eggers once claimed, “the closest thing to an MFA that you can get while sitting alone on your couch.” Hyperbolic? Perhaps, but the sentiment is genuine.

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Fight Club T-Shirts Are Finally Here!

Pre-Order your 'Fight Club' T-shirt today!

For years we've been offering Tshirts on this website for all of Chuck Palahniuk's books.  You have demanded them and we have delivered.  But strangely, the one shirt we never made was a Fight Club shirt.

Well, that all changes today.  In honor of the 10 year anniversary of the movie Fight Club, as well as the 10 year anniversary of (yes, it's been that long!), we are finally offering you the shirts you've been wanting for years!  But this time we took things up a notch.  We wanted this shirt to look different than the rest.  We wanted it to not just feel like a 'Fight Club' movie shirt, but also channel the book.  So we wanted a design that was balanced.  Something hot.  Something you'd wear out and not feel like too much of a fanboy.  ;)

Order Your 'Fight Club' Shirt Here!

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'Cover' by Jack Ketchum
Dennis Widmyer
The cost of war...

When once asked who he thought the scariest guy in America was, Stephen King replied, "Probably Jack Ketchum." I remember reading that quote and thinking that Ketchum had to be a serial killer, or some terrible politician or criminal that I had never heard of. When I later found out he was an author, I was impressed to say the least. I grew up on the stories of Stephen King, so an endorsement like that holds a lot of weight for me. I'm a big horror movie hound, though I don't typically read a lot of horror novels.