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William Lashner

William Lashner’s Metamorphosis
Rob Hart
William Lashner AKA Tyler Knox

So, funny story: Tyler Knox is not actually a real person.  

After reading his fantastic "debut" novel Kockroach, I consulted Tyler's Web site and shot off an e-mail to his agent, asking if I could set up an interview.  She gave me contact info for William Lashner.  I figured he was a publicist.

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Win A Bunch Of TELL-ALL Publicity Posters!

Doubleday needs YOUR help choosing which 50s-style movie poster to produce for Tell-All

And to thank you for your help, they are offering 50 (FIFTY!) fans a quantity of the winning poster!  This means that you don't get just one Tell-All poster, but a bunch that you can share with friends that are also Chuck fans. How cool is that? All About Eve

How to enter to win:

  1. Please review the following link carefully, and vote accordingly! Doubleday  is looking for a very specific type of poster as detailed in that link. (There are a lot of great posters, but not all are following the criteria.)
  2. Vote!
  3. Send one email!

- The subject line of the email should have the artist's name (It is below the posters).

- The body of the email should contain your full name and mailing address. (Your email may be disqualified if you don't follow those directions)

- Only one email entry per person and no amendments or do-overs

Email to:

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Article About Potential 'Survivor' Movie Adaptation On

'Survivor' Movie Article on

Check out this awesome feature on called 'Print To Projector'.  In this episode, they look at the potential Survivor movie adaptation, that has wallowed in the Hollywood quagmire called "turnaround" for close to ten years now.

Props goes to and Dr. Cole Abaius for posting this.

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"Liver" by Will Self
Joshua Chaplinsky
A factual review with the surface anatomy of four lobes.

Dastardly satirist Will Self returns with a quartet of loosely related stories whose least tenuous connection is the noble human liver. As expected, they range from the insightful to the grotesque to the delightfully obscene. Self puts his most difficult foot forward, but those with the fortitude to persevere will be well rewarded with a satisfying read.

Foie Humain

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Live! Chuck's Reviews The August 2009 Workshop Anthology Member Submissions

Chuck Palahniuk

The Anthology Project keeps ticking right along.  Linked below, you'll find the latest round of critiques on members' story submissions from Chuck Palahniuk.  You'll need to upgrade to a Premium Account if you'd like to click through and read these stories and/or begin to participate in our amazing online workshop.  The premium membership fee is a small token of support for our ongoing efforts in maintaining the site and bringing you more great things.  Restricting reading access to the stories also helps preserve their pre-publication value for our upcoming book.

Chuck Critiques Top Stories from August 2009

No Sex in the Morning - Keith Buie

These Hands - Kasey Carpenter

This is What Stephanie Says - Jason M. Fylan

Good Deal On a Gun - Blake Moscatello

Careers Day - Adam Saifer

Diamonds - Brandon Tietz

Happy Reading!  And don't forget to...

Join Us in the Workshop Today!

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Jesse Ventura

Politics in America is Identical to Pro Wrestling
Christopher Stipp
Jesse Ventura

I’ll admit it, I was intimidated. I usually never am but I was.

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The Cult's 'Top 10' Books of 2009

'The Cult's Top 10 Books of 2009' by Mirka Hodurova

So, let me preface this by saying that I am not entirely comfortable with top ten lists, nor do I consider myself an expert on anything, much less what constitutes the best of the best. But after listening to me rant and rave over the years about whatever my latest book crush that week was, Dennis finally coerced me to compile my personal top ten list, as a feature for the website starting with 2009.

Now, I couldn't possibly get that list together by the end of December, or even January because I rely on the holidays to acquire some of those new, still-only-in-hardcover books (I can only buy so many books).  And so I aimed to post this on Valentine's Day.  After all, this  seemed fitting for a website like ours that celebrates the love affair we all have with books.

A couple of caveats before I post my own, highly personal list:

-I still haven't had time to read John Irving's 2009 release: Last Night in Twisted River, nor James Ellroy's Blood's a Rover, and both authors are favorites of mine.

-Many of the best books I read last year were published before 2009, or were released in paperback in 2009. Also, a couple favorites were still in manuscript form. So if I were to include all those this list would have to be a Top 20. 30? Of all those, the one that I am most compelled to mention is Kockroach by Tyler Knox; it is one of the most imaginative and  startling books that I've read since Geek Love by Katherine Dunn

The Cult's 'Top 10' Books of 2009
by Mirka Hodurova

(In alphabetical order!)