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Posted by Dennis

Chuck Reviews The September Writer's Workshop Finalists

Chuck Palahniuk reviews the September 09 Writers Workshop finalists!It's less than a month before Chuck's new novel Tell-All hits stores and he embarks on his North American tour.  But with as busy as he is leading up to all this, he still found time in his schedule to read and review the September 2009 finalists.  As you know, this amazing experience in our Writer's Workshop began in February 2009 and closed at the end of January 2010.  During that time, writers had the opportunity to have their work seen by Chuck, as well as receive invaluable feedback and review.  It is Chuck's goal at the end of this process to pick the best stories from that time and have them published in a first ever Anthology. (Details here)  Chuck's name will go on the anthology as editor, he'll write the forward, and he's even spending his own personal time researching publishers for it right now.

This is an unprecedented opportunity for writers, ladies and gentleman.  The likes I've never seen matched by another author of Chuck's caliber and success.  And it's just the first!  That's right, you can expect more of these anthologies in the future, once we finish the first cycle of stories for Anthology 1. 

For today, let us celebrate the below 6 stories.  I had the opportunity to read them and let me just say that I think this was one of the strongest batch of finalists we've had yet.  So get ready to not just read Chuck's feedback and insights, but also some great writing.

If you have a story you'd like peer feedback on, or a novel you're working on that needs some fresh eyes, or you're just an amateur writer looking for a road that may lead to publication, look no further.

Join Our Writer's Workshop

Posted by Dennis

'Survivor' iPhone Audiobook App Winners

Today we select the first 5 winners in the Survivor iPhone Audiobook App giveaway.  We want to thank Blackstone Audio for sponsoring this promo.  They were nice enough to donate 10 redemption codes that let people download the app from iTunes for free. If you haven't yet checked them out, you should head over to their site and see just how well made this app is.

Dennis's picture Posted by Dennis

Cameron MacLaren, Producer Behind 'Invisible Monsters' Adaptation

And the option goes to...
Dennis Widmyer
Cameron MacLaren

I believe it started in 2001, when a young filmmaker named Jesse Peyronel optioned what many of Chuck's die-hard fans would call his boldest and best book: Invisible Monsters.  Movie media quickly picked up on the option and it seemed like things were on the fast track for entering some sort of production phase. Turning over a scripted draft that both Chuck and his agent, Edward Hibbert, were very pleased with, Jesse very quickly got to work trying to find funding for the film via Miramax Films. Parker Posey was tentatively on board to play Shannon and things were moving along. Then the inevitable drop in news happened, signaling the echoing cry of what is so accurately called "movie purgatory".

In 2002, Jesse resurfaced on our radar again.  He had renewed his option on the script to give funding another go. But again, nothing seemed to come of it and the closest story we had to go off for any production future for Monsters was a UK based company that was interested in doing an animated featured of the film.

Then, word around the campfire was that the film was on the move again with Jessica Biel being touted for the female lead and such names as Val Kilmer and Bill Crudup being mentioned for male leading and supporting roles.

That was about four years ago. 

During that time actor turned filmmaker, Clark Gregg, managed to write and direct Choke.  And even with the cache of having names like Sam Rockwell and Angelica Huston on board, the film took Greg over four years to gain funding for.  In the end, it had a very meager budget of about 2.5 million and didn't succeed well at the box office.

Even though Fight Club had become a cult phenomena, news on many of Chuck's other adaptations was growing precarious.  And buzz on Invisible Monsters possibly gracing the big screen was scarce.  Until now.

Film Makers
xec8's picture Posted by xec8

Nazi Literature in the Americas

'Nazi Literature in the Americas' by Roberto Bolano
Phil Jourdan
A strange look at the literary Far Right.

Roberto Bolano has been dead seven years. After his two "big novels", The Savage Detectives and 2666, were translated into English, Bolano quickly became a literary fascination in America and the UK. The curious thing is that now that Bolano is a star, the difficulty in separating facts about his life from his fiction is once again growing blurred. For a while it was accepted that his death was linked to his old heroin addiction; that rumor was, supposedly, dispelled. Then people focused on his early years spent "on the streets", his life as a vagabond.

Posted by mirka

'Pygmy' in Paperback April 20! Huge Sale and lots of Free Stuff!

THIS PROMOTION IS OVER! We're all OUT of PYGMY shirts and prizes! 

2009 'Pygmy' Tour Tshirts by 2009 'Pygmy' Tour Tshirts by

Pygmy is being released in paperback on April 20th and to celebrate we are having a huge sale on our Pygmy Tour Thirts!  But wait, it gets better: We have tons of random gifts to add to any store order (Yes, Premium Memberships included).  Here's what we're offering:

Signed copies of Chuck Palahniuk's books, provided by St. Helen's
Book Shop!

  • Signed copies of Chuck's books in hardcover and paperback graciously donated by St Helen's Bookshop!
  • Loads of vintage Stranger Than Fiction 'Von Chuck' hats!

'von Chuck' hats from 'Stranger From Fiction' promotion.  Very rare!

  • Full sheets of Pygmy stickers (with EVERY order, while supplies last) - 16 stickers per sheet!
  • Vintage Choke Promotional Postcards!

'Choke' postcard

  • Plus, a free Pygmy Tour shirt with any other T-shirt order (The same size as ordered shirt unless otherwise requested in comments box..while supplies last!) *Note: We have just sold out of Men's Large and Medium in the Pygmy shirts.

And other random prizes, not listed here for a surprize factor! :)

Posted by Dennis

New Twitter Giveaway! 'Survivor' iPhone Audiobook App From BlackStone

"Survivor" audio book by Blackstone AudioThe fun continues!  After the popularity of first our Pygmy and then Invisible Monsters Twitter giveaways, we just had to do another.  And what better title to do next then one of Chuck's most beloved novels, Survivor.  Yes, the good people at Blackstone Audio are cranking out these wonderful iPhone app audiobooks and they now have one available for SurvivorCheck it out here!  This is the entire audiobook, in one $10 iPhone app!  And guess what?

Blackstone Audio is giving away another 10 redemption codes for the full app!  These codes allow you to redeem a free copy of the audiobook from iTunes which you can then sync up with your iPhone.  So you know the drill, folks.  New giveaway... new Twitter promo!

We're going to continue with a similar structure and timeline as our last giveaway.  We have 10 codes to give away and will be splitting it up to five winners for two assignments total.  The first assignment will run today and end on Friday at which time we'll announce the first winners.  The following assignment will probably run next week.

Today's Assignment: Let's see your best home remedies, Tender Branson style!  Take a picture of yourself doing some sort of bizarre cleaning task.  Points if you're able to work the book into the photo, and even more points if you're able to pull off one of the specific remedies Tender lists in Survivor.  No Photoshopping on this one, folks.  Get creative and have fun!  Then make sure you Tweet this photo to our Twitter page @chuckpalahniuk and use the tag #SurvivorApp.

Just remember, don't email us your pics or post them here.  Rather, Tweet them to our @chuckpalahniuk Twitter account.  Also, make sure you have an iPhone before you play, as the app won't work anywhere else.

Posted by Dennis

'Invisible Monsters' iPhone Audiobook App Winners

As of today our final 5 winners in the Invisible Monsters iPhone Audiobook App giveaway have been rewarded.  I want to thank Blackstone Audio for sponsoring this promo.  They were nice enough to donate 10 redemption codes that let people download the app from iTunes for free. If you haven't yet checked them out, you should head over to their site and see just how well made this app is.

mirka's picture Posted by mirka

Richard Thomas

One of Our Own
Brandon Tietz

I don’t know how the hell Richard Thomas sleeps at night.

Dennis's picture Posted by Dennis

EP 7: Can You Be Permanently Damaged From Doing Ecstasy?

Here is our latest installment of 'Sorry You Asked' with Dr. Josh Bazell.  As you may recall, Josh is the author of Beat The Reaper, easily one of the best books of 2009, and soon to be a motion picture starring Leonardo DiCaprio.  He also happens to be a doctor that is willing to answer all the terrible those questions that make you... sorry you asked!

If you'd like to ask your own question for Dr. Bazell, please email us at, or post you question here and we'll send it Josh's way.

Also be sure to check out episodes 1-6 of 'Sorry You Asked' in our Features section.