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Posted by Dennis

Model Our 'RANT' Tshirts For Us!

Model Our 'RANT' Tshirts For Us!

For the past few Tshirts we've offered on this site (Fight Club and Invisible Monsters) you might have noticed we've featured images of people modeling them.  Usually this was close friends of mine (see above).  None of them were professional models but they all had a blast being photographed.  It helped that they were big fans; I let them keep the shirts; and then bought them all lunch after.

We also worked with Masuimi Max, a professional model who normally specializes in fetish pictorials.  I think this sort of photoshoot was a first for her, but being that she too, is a huge Chuck Palahniuk fan, she jumped at the opportunity.

For our Rant shirts, we want to try something different.  We want to photograph YOU!

Joshua Chaplinsky's picture Posted by Joshua Chaplinsky

The Orange Eats Creeps

"The Orange Eats Creeps" by Grace Krilanovich
Joshua Chaplinsky
Slutty Teenage Hobo Vampire Junkies run amok in the Pacific Northwest of the mind.

The Orange Eats Creeps isn't exactly a book that inspires blanket recommendation. That's not a backhanded way of saying it's a bad book, it's just best suited to a certain type of reader. I could throw down the gauntlet of difficult fiction, much like Steve Erickson does in his introduction, but that would be disingenuous. Not that Erickson isn't being sincere when he brands the book as dangerous; I just find that type of build-up inevitably leads to backlash.

Posted by Dennis

UPDATED! 'Snuff' Casting: Thora Birch and Daryl Hannah Not Attached

'Snuff' Casting News Update: Thora Birch and Daryl Hannah Not Attached

UPDATE: Earlier this week I posted a News update about Fabien Martorell, the man who currently has the film option to adapt Snuff.  He informed me that Daryl Hannah, Thora Birch and Tom Sizemore were on board.

The next day, SlashFilm, a respected and very popular movie site that I frequent, posted this story: 

Joshua Chaplinsky's picture Posted by Joshua Chaplinsky

Donald Farber on the Legacy of Kurt Vonnegut

Kurt belonged to the world
Joshua Chaplinsky
Kurt Vonnegut 2

Warren Zevon probably didn't have Kurt Vonnegut in mind when he coined the phrase, "I'll sleep when I'm dead." Because even though he's no longer with us, the influential writer continues to work as hard as any living author. At least that's the way it seems.

Posted by Dennis

Chuck Palahniuk's 1 Hour Speech at the Grub Street Writer's Conference

Somehow, this video got past us.  It's a one hour speech Chuck gave at Grub Street's writer's conference last May of 2010. This was a non-public event that actually kicked off Chuck's Tell-All tour that year.

Props to our own Mark Vanderpool for finding this one on Vimeo.

Posted by Dennis

Read "Submerging the 'I'" by Chuck Palahniuk

Chuck Palahniuk, photographed by Robert Yager

For three years, Chuck Palahniuk contributed to our ground breaking online Writers Workshop (which he also helped build, btw) with 36 writing essays.  These were lessons from a best-selling author on how to improve your craft as a writer... the types of lessons they teach in $20,000+ MFA writing programs.  

To look back and celebrate these exclusive essays, each month we are "unlocking" one and offering it for free on the site.  Normally you would need a Workshop Membership on the site to view these essays, but until you're ready to make that important commitment, we'll offer you one of these a month. 

For February, we have Submerging the I, a favorite essay among Chuck's writing fans, which helps you discover the secret for making a first-person narrator less obtrusive.  Enjoy!

Read "Submerging the 'I'"

Dennis's picture Posted by Dennis

Lucky McKee, Jack Ketchum & Andrew van den Houten Discuss 'THE WOMAN'

Confiscated & Burned: An Interview About 'THE WOMAN'
Dennis Widmyer
Lucky McKee, Jack Ketchum & Andrew van den Houten Discuss 'THE WOMAN'

This year at the Sundance Film Festival our friend Jack Ketchum premiered his new film THE WOMAN to a crowd of unsuspecting press, filmmakers and festival-goers. The Woman was co-written with Lucky McKee, who also directed it.  Lucky is, in my opinion, one of the best horror filmmakers working today.

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