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kasey_carpenter's picture Posted by kasey_carpenter

Benjamin Hale

A Chimp Divided
Kasey Carpenter
Benjamin Hale

I have to admit it wasn’t easy. Pitching an interview of an as yet unknown author, in fact an author who wasn’t even technically published two weeks ago when I interviewed him, is a challenge. But the book, oh the book... THE EVOLUTION OF BRUNO LITTLEMORE came to me via such high recommendations (Dave Cullen, author of COLUMBINE under Twelve, and Cary Goldstein, now the EIC of Twelve), well, you read the book.

Posted by Dennis

Happy Birthday, Chuck!

Today is Chuck's birthday.  Not going to tell you how old he is, but if you do some research on this site, you can find the year he was born and then do some simple math.

Now, let's hear some well wishes, folks!  This man's earned it!

xec8's picture Posted by xec8

Small Memories

'Small Memories' by Jose Saramago
Phil Jourdan
A wonderfully simple and moving book about nothing much at all.

Jose Saramago's memoir, Small Memories, is a simple book. Ostensibly it aims to do nothing more than tell anecdotes. Saramago, who recently passed away, was, along with Antonio Lobo Antunes, Portugal's most famous and respected author of his generation. He was notorious for his politics, his public disputes, his outspoken contempt for the Catholic Church.

Posted by mirka

The Cult's 'Top 10' Books of 2010

The Cult's 'Top 10' Books of 2010

It's that time of year again at The Cult when we appropriate Valentine's Day (close enough) for our own celebration as book smitten fiends. That of course, means publishing our second annual Top Ten list of books from the previous year.  It's not only fitting to post this on V-day, but pragmatic too, as I get a lot of books in December and need a month or so to finish up my year-end reading.

These go to eleven.

Or rather, this list goes to eleven, but let me explain.  Friday, a friend mentioned a book to me with such an intriguing title that I immediately looked it up and read an excerpt.  After reading a couple of pages, I downloaded it and finished it over the weekend.  (Thanks, Richard!)  As it turns out it was released in 2010 and I would feel remiss in not adding it to the list. I promise not to let this evolve into a top twenty or thirty over time, but in this case, this list goes to eleven.

Caveats: This list is based on my own highly personal and promiscuous reading habits and does not necessarily reflect our other voracious readers at The Cult, nor are they Chuck’s personal favorites or recommendations.  I notice there are quite a few short story collections this year, and I wouldn’t say I’m inclined towards that form in particular, it was just an amazing year for story collections. So without further ado…

Posted by Dennis

'FIST CLUB' Video: Cinemashup For 'FIGHT CLUB' & Florence + The Machine

Hot damn, is this well done.  Check out a great mash-up of Fight Club as cut to Florence + The Machine's song "Kiss with a Fist.'  It was edited by Jeff Yorkes and is titled 'Fist Club.'

Watch the video on Vimeo here.

And be sure to check out all of Jeff's CINEMASHUP's at his Vimeo page.  I've basically become addicted to them since yesterday.

Posted by vigorous puppy

Chuck's Feedback on the December Workshop Anthology Finalists!

Chuck's Feedback on the December Workshop Anthology Finalists!

We're so close to the big wrap-up on on Chuck's reviews of our top workshop stories! I've got his incisive and helpful December feedback for you below, and only one more month to go before we shift gears completely to the next phase and put this anthology into print. Congratulations to all the finalists. For the protection of their work, these stories are made available to Workshop Members only. If you're a member, you may click inside and read these at your leisure. You'll find loads of great lessons on the writer's craft within. So read on.

The finalists include:

Love in Standard Definition - Fred Venturini

Overboard - Peter Bentzen

Tatterdemalion Peregrination - Adam Daniel Joseph

Chasing Ghosts (revision) - Richard Thomas

All In - Kasey Carpenter

Things Falling Apart - Blake Gentry

If you'd like to participate in our ground-breaking workshop, read exclusive How-To craft essays from Chuck and just network and meet other writers,

Join Our Writer's Workshop

Posted by Dennis

Model Our 'RANT' Tshirts For Us!

Model Our 'RANT' Tshirts For Us!

For the past few Tshirts we've offered on this site (Fight Club and Invisible Monsters) you might have noticed we've featured images of people modeling them.  Usually this was close friends of mine (see above).  None of them were professional models but they all had a blast being photographed.  It helped that they were big fans; I let them keep the shirts; and then bought them all lunch after.

We also worked with Masuimi Max, a professional model who normally specializes in fetish pictorials.  I think this sort of photoshoot was a first for her, but being that she too, is a huge Chuck Palahniuk fan, she jumped at the opportunity.

For our Rant shirts, we want to try something different.  We want to photograph YOU!