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Cape Cod Noir

"Cape Cod Noir" edited David L. Ulin
Richard Thomas
For those that are unfamiliar with Cape Cod this is a fascinating collection of tales that reveal the underbelly of a quiet vacation spot.

When I think of cities that inspire noir, Cape Cod is certainly not at the top of that list. I think of New York, Chicago, Baltimore even, but never would I have thought of Cape Cod. In the ongoing series by Akashic Books, they’ve visited almost fifty cities across the United States, and around the world. It’s a compelling series to say the least. Once I started to get into this collection, though, I understood the appeal of Cape Cod.

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An Update On The 'INVISIBLE MONSTERS' Film - Director Attached

'Invisible Monsters' Movie News

Earlier this week I got an update from Cameron MacLaren, the producer who owns the option on the Invisible Monsters movie adaptation.  Today, Cameron made the news public by way of a newsletter blast.  Check out below for some updates on the production, including someone officially sitting in the director's chair.

Dear Fans of Invisible Monsters,

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Player One: What Is To Become Of Us

"Player One" by Douglas Coupland
Joshua Chaplinsky
Coupland sneaks in a stop-gap novel cum lecture that simultaneously distills his favorite themes and breaks new ground.

Released as part of the Massey Lecture series with a minimum of fanfare, I missed this sneaky aperitif of a novel upon its initial release. I'd blame Canada, but despite taking place there, the Masseys aren't inherently Canadian in nature. The annual event has featured its share of non-Canadian luminaries, such as Noam Chomsky and Martin Luther King Jr., to name a recognizable two.

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Buy the Chuck Palahniuk Documentary DVD Signed Edition!

Buy the Chuck Palahniuk Documentary DVD Signed Edition!

Our popular documentary on Chuck Palahniuk, Postcards from the Future is now shipping... with a big fat signature by Chuck right on the cover.  We've got a limited amount of these and once they're gone, they're gone.  So if you haven't seen this documentary yet, now is the time to order this 2-disk DVD set.  If you have seen it, but covet having this signed edition, follow your temptation and click the link below.

Order the Chuck Palahniuk Documentary DVD - Signed Edition


'Postcards From the Future: The Chuck Palahniuk Documentary' Signed Edition!

Postcards From The Future: The Chuck Palahniuk Documentary takes a look at author Chuck Palahniuk ís landmark year of 2003. With back to back books and subsequent tours hitting the public, Chuck ís year was filled with success, controversy, and even phenomena. But what many fans don ít know is that this entire year kicked off with a mysterious conference held on his work in a small town in Pennsylvania.

As guests of the conference, my fellow documentarians and I attended the three day event and captured some of the most exclusive material a fan could hope for. Chuck read from his novels, hosted multiple Q&As, gave an hour long exclusive presentation, participated in a screening of Fight Club, signed books and, best of all, sat down for a very candid one hour interview. But it wasn ít until the days of editing this piece together that followed that we realized the true gift of the conference for Chuck had attended with a very important motive and message for his fans: To evolve a generation of young readers into writers.

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The Hour of the Star

"The Hour of the Star" by Clarice Lispector
Phil Jourdan
One of the darkest novels about human goodness.

Clarice Lispector died young but not quite unknown in Brazil, and her novels are neglected but not quite unknown internationally. Those who have read her agree that she was a thoughtful, twisted, occasionally brilliant author of short novels about very little on the surface: a woman killing a cockroach, for instance. The ingenuity lies in what Lispector did with her mundane situations: she turned them into fables of horrible psychological bullying, protestations against the weirdness and incoherence of things, dirges for the loss of magic.

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New Story "Romance" In The August Issue of Playboy

 August 2011 Playboy, featuring the story 'Romance' by Chuck Palahniuk

Looking for something new from Chuck?  Can't wait until October 18th for the release of Damned?  Well you're in luck, because there's a new short story in the August issue of Playboy. The short is called Romance and here's the official word, straight from the Chuckster's mouth:

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Kate Christensen

The Astral: An Interview With Kate Christensen
Kasey Carpenter
Kate Christensen

THE ASTRAL. The title alone suggests several concepts. Those familiar with Greenpoint, Brooklyn may know the building of which the title pays homage to. The other definition deals with the protagonist of the novel, one Harry Quirk, a wilting poet who suddenly finds himself accused of cheating on his dogmatic wife Luz, an accusation he knows to be false, and tries with every breath, up to a point, to correct in Luz’ thinking.

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Millennium People

"Millennium People" by J G Ballard
Joshua Chaplinsky
A terrorist missive of middle-class angst.

Ballard Man. That's what she called me. Despite the fact I'd only read- no, purchased- a solitary book by the author.  

Let me set the scene. It was a time known as "the late 90's." The book in question was Crash, Ballard's controversial exploration of symphorophilia. "She" was a matronly assistant manager at Borders Books, where I was grinding it out as a bookseller. You see where this is going?

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Donald Ray Pollock

Gothic Hillbilly Noir?
Brien Piech
Donald Ray Pollock

On the morning of Chuck’s Snuff tour stop in Minneapolis I had awoken short the sight in one eye. Never one to miss a Chuck reading, with a prepaid ticket and voucher for a signed copy in hand, and being an old hand at injuries from my many years as an idiot, I went ahead and kicked-started the old Triumph Bonneville, like an idiot, and rode to the reading James Joyce style.