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Posted by Dennis

Fan Artwork: 'Invisible Monsters' and 'Rant'

Some pretty cool artwork today from 'Hanna.'  First one is Invisible Monsters.  The other is from Rant.  Click each one below to see a larger version and to rate it.

Designed by Hanna

kasey_carpenter's picture Posted by kasey_carpenter

Mark Yarm

A History You Want to Know
Kasey Carpenter
Mark Yarm

This is a history you want to know even if you were never a fan of the genre. Even if you weren’t part of the Nirvana vs. Pearl Jam debate (Nirvana, for the record). Even if you didn’t need another reason to loathe Courtney Love. Even if you didn’t know a pre-Microsoft/Starbucks Seattle. Even if you have no clue as to what The La’s “There She Goes”, GnR’s “Mr. Brownstone” and Iggy Pop’s “Lust for Life” have in common.

Posted by Dennis

Fake Criterions: 'Fight Club'

How the hell have none of you tried something like this before?  For as long as it became 'a thing,' I've been a fan of the fake Criterion covers fans have designed.  Not only are many of them hysterical (one of my favorites being Days of Thunder), but some of the artwork is damn good and clearly tops the shitty, uninspired DVD covers studios sleepwalk through.

Posted by Dennis

Canadian Tour Dates For 'Damned' Added!

Canadian Tour Dates Added for DAMNED

Good news for you canucks!  Chuck is taking a trip north of the border to British Columbia for two big reading events for Damned.  Here's the scoop from his Canadian publishers:

Joshua Chaplinsky's picture Posted by Joshua Chaplinsky

Seven Days In Rio

"Seven Days in Rio" by Francis Levy
Joshua Chaplinsky
A re-imagined Interzone of psychoanalysis and prostitution where all woman are (literally) whores.

...or "Tiffanys," as Kenny Cantor affectionately calls them. Not that it makes the idea any less offensive.

Kenny is a successful CPA in a Brooks Brothers suit on holiday in Rio de Janeiro. He isn't there for the food or the beaches or the nightlife- he's there to pay for pussy. The man is a veteran sex tourist on the prowl, and he's heard that the streets of Rio are paved with the stuff. Lucky for him, in Levy's version of the notorious South American city, the rumors turn out to be true.

xec8's picture Posted by xec8


"Cain" by Jose Saramago
Phil Jourdan
A disappointing end to a remarkable and controversial career.

Cain, Jose Saramago's final novel, is another of the author's attacks on religion in general and especially the Abrahamic faiths. Saramago showed how deeply he could cut with his 1991 masterpiece, The Gospel According to Jesus Christ, a troubling, fascinating retelling of the gospels. In that book, biblical contradictions became a source of delight. With Cain, the source book is the Old Testament, but instead of delighting, Saramago chooses to bully and preach at us.

Posted by Dennis

Read 'Nuts and Bolts: "Big Voice" Versus "Little Voice" by Chuck Palahniuk

Chuck Palahniuk, photographed by John Gress

For three years, Chuck Palahniuk contributed to our ground breaking online Writers Workshop (which he also helped conceive, btw) with 36 writing essays.  These are lessons from a best-selling author on how to improve your craft as a writer... the types of lessons they teach in $20,000+ MFA writing programs.  

mirka's picture Posted by mirka

The Last Werewolf

'The Last Werewolf' by Glen Duncan
Stephen Graham Jones
For a Few Silver Bullets More

What would happen if an intelligent, sensitive, literate man suddenly found himself filled with savage instincts?  —Roger Ebert, on Wolf (1994)

wickerkat's picture Posted by wickerkat

Cape Cod Noir

"Cape Cod Noir" edited David L. Ulin
Richard Thomas
For those that are unfamiliar with Cape Cod this is a fascinating collection of tales that reveal the underbelly of a quiet vacation spot.

When I think of cities that inspire noir, Cape Cod is certainly not at the top of that list. I think of New York, Chicago, Baltimore even, but never would I have thought of Cape Cod. In the ongoing series by Akashic Books, they’ve visited almost fifty cities across the United States, and around the world. It’s a compelling series to say the least. Once I started to get into this collection, though, I understood the appeal of Cape Cod.