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Posted by Dennis

'Choke' Tshirts Now Available

'Choke' Tshirts Now Available,

Our Chuck Palahniuk Tshirts return with a vengeance in the form of this new Choke shirt, designed by Kevin Tong (@tragicsunshine). This is our fourth collaboration with Kevin and damn... did he hit this one out of the park! This is easily my favorite Tshirt from him yet.  The design features Victor Mancini descending into the abyss of his own depravity. (see a close-up of it)

Update! We now have the shirts available in a 'variant' style, using just water-based colors, to give it a softer, more vintage look and feel. See pictures of those shirts here.

'Choke' Mens Tshirt 'Choke' Womens Shirt

The shirts are American Apparel and are available in Mens and Womens in both Gray (Asphalt) and Blue (Heather Lake Blue).  This all came together last minute, so unfortantely, at the time of my writing this, the actual shirts are still being printed.  But if you want to place your order now, we can assure you that we will begin shipping shirts from Dec 11th on.

Order Your 'Choke' Tshirt!

Important Shipping Info: We ship our shirts USPS Priority, so U.S. domestic orders typically arrive 1-3 days from the date they are shipped.  International orders allow 7-10 days.

Important Sizing Info: American Apparel was sold out of a few sizes we normally order. Therefore XXL and XXXL are not available for the Gray shirt, and XXXL is not available for the Blue. Hopefully we can get these in on the next run.

Order Your 'Choke' Tshirt!

Posted by Dennis

'Choke' Poster By Kevin Tong Now Available

If you're familiar with how we unveil new Tshirts here at The Cult, this announcement will come as no surprise.  Working with Kevin Tong over the past few years (and three previous Tshirts), we have a cross-promotion we do: Kevin Tong creates the design for our Tshirts, and then offers it as a poster from his own site.

Today, that poster goes on sale and begins shipping.  But hurry! If you want to receive your poster in time for Christmas, tomorrow (December 14th) is the final shipping day.

Posted by Dennis

Amazing 'Invisible Monsters' Art

'Invisible Monsters' Art

I caught this in our Twitter feed the other day and was compelled to contact the person who posted it to see a larger version.  And I'm glad I did, because this is stunning.

The artist is PC Siqueira.  You can see more of his work on his deviantArt page.

Posted by Dennis

Chuck Palahniuk Documentary DVDs On Sale For Christmas!

Our documentary DVD on Chuck Palahniuk, Postcards from the Future is on sale for the month of December for $20 (marked down from $25).  We have a limited quantity of these that are signed by Chuck, right on the cover.  Those will sell on a first come first serve basis.  Once they're gone, they're gone.  If you haven't seen this documentary yet, now is the time to order this 2-disk DVD set.  If you have seen it, but covet having this signed edition, follow your temptation and click the link below.

Posted by Kirk

Watch Chuck Palahniuk's DAMNED Reading In NYC

If you missed the livestream of Chuck's Damned reading at the Cooper Union last tuesday, have no fear.  Livestream has been nice enough to archive the entire event for you all.  The video embed below should show it to you, or, just go to their site and watch it there.

Watch live streaming video from chuckpalahniuk at

You can also watch the stream at our Facebook page.

Big thanks to Doubleday, Livestream and the people at The Strand for setting this up.

Posted by Dennis

Happy Halloween! Eli Roth as Tyler Durden

You gotta love Eli Roth.  Writer, director, producer, actor, horror fan (like me!) and... inspired Halloween costume afficianado!  I still remember his Ichi The Killer costume he wore at the Toronto Film Festival.  

This year, Eli took the popular Tyler Durden costume idea to new levels with not one, but TWO variations!

Posted by Dennis

So Much 'Damned' Media!

So Much 'Damned' Media!

Hell descends upon Earth as Damned takes over the web! With so much media abound, I figured I'd lend a helping hand and round-up some of the bigger interviews and reviews here.  As always, you can find a full list for all of Chuck's books in our Author Media section.  And please, if you find any on the web that you think should be included here, post them in the comments below.

  1. Suicide Girls Interview
  2. LitReactor Interview
  3. NPR Interview - Audio
  4. The Wall Street Journal 'Speakeasy' Interview
  5. Janet Maslin's NY Times Review
  6. Interview Magazine Interview
  7. Kirkus Reviews Q&A
  8. Mother Jones Interview
  9. Dallas Observer Interview
  10. A.V. Club Review
  11. The Guardian UK interview
  12. The Independent UK Review
  13. Bizarre Magazine Interview
Posted by Dennis

Tour Dates For 'Damned'

'Damned' Tour Dates!

Update: The 'Damned' tour has begun! See below for all the cities Chuck will be reading at. Some events are ticketed, so read the details carefully.

Couple important details from Random House: