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Posted by Dennis

Chuck Palahniuk's Next Novel Is 'Doomed'

UPDATE: The next book will indeed be titled DOOMED. It's a sequel to Damned and it's scheduled to be released October 2013.

When Chuck was in Los Angeles recently for his small tour for the new Invisible Monsters Remix, I had the pleasure of taking him out to dinner.  And while gnawing on some steak (...I was.  Chuck had the salmon), we got to talking about his next book.  And lo and behold... the next novel will be Chuck's first sequel!

Posted by Dennis

Serbian 'Rant' & 'Invisible Monsters' Covers Are Modern Art

European countries continue to impress with their approach to designing Chuck Palahniuk covers.  Rather than taking a literal approach to the work, they tend towards the abstract.  Their covers are more like modern pop culture art than spoon-fed designs. A few years ago I celebrated the Czech Republic's covers for their boldness...

Now Serbia deserves a place on that mantle.  Check out their new cover for Rant, as well as their cover for Invisible Monsters:

'Rant' Serbian Cover Serbian 'Invisible Monsters' cover

The company behind this is FESTINA LENTE and they didn't stop there.  They also shot this strange short teaser for their Rant release as well as a gallery of fans reading the books.

For more pictures, check out their Facebook Page.

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Slumber Party Event: Chuck Palahniuk, Chelsea Cain and Lidia Yuknavitch at The University of Oregon

The November 2nd slumber party event at the University of Oregon, with Chuck Palahniuk, Lidia Yuknavitch and Chelsea Cain, has wrapped up.  The night was a success and a total sell out.  So Chuck wanted to say a few things about how it all went down: 

I'm just checking in to thank everyone who made the 'slumber party' event in Eugene a chaotic success.  Chelsea Cain and Lidia Yuknavitch were amazing, as were the zombie babies.  And the hundreds of glowing beachballs were a vision from the stage.
In the melee I forgot to thank the University of Oregon Bookstore.  They arranged for use of WOW Hall and sold tickets.  Plus they warehoused my stuffed animals until the evening of Nov. 2nd.  They were heroes, and I snubbed them.  For that oversight I heartily apologize.

Chuck also wanted to mention that the University of Oregon Bookstore is still carrying some signed books from the event.  So if you live local, go check it out!

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Chuck At The NY Comic-Con

Update: Pictures from the event!

Yep, you read that right. While NY Comic-Con tickets have already sold out, if you'll be one of the lucky ones in attendance, you'll have the opportunity to meet Chuck, have your booked signed, and then all see him do an on-stage reading.

Here are the details from Random House:

Saturday, 10/13:

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Chuck Palahniuk's Story, 'ROMANCE,' To Have Its World Film Premiere At The Raindance Film Festival

Chuck Palahniuk's Story, 'ROMANCE,' To Have Its World Film Premiere At The Raindance Film Festival

If you saw Chuck on tour recently, then you heard him read from one of his best short stories to date... 'Romance.'  'Romance' is a easily one of my favorite stories Chuck has ever written.  I won't spoil the surprise of the story, but let's just say it's a true romantic comedy, in only the most twisted and fucked up way Chuck could tell it.

Last year, Andy Mingo, a filmmaker out of the Pacific Northwest who also happens to be Lidia Yuknavitch's husband, wrote and directed an adaptation of this wonderful story, and it's now set to have its world premiere in London at the 2012 Raindance Film Festival on October 2nd. If you plan on attending, not only will you see the film, but you'll get to see Chuck do a Q&A / reading and possibly qualify to be one of a dozen people who attend an intimate dinner with Chuck at a prestigious location in Leicester Square.

'Romance,' a short story by Chuck Palahniuk, written and directed for the screen by Andy Mingo

Read on for more!

Based on the story by Chuck Palahniuk that appeared in the 2011 issue of Playboy magazine, 'Romance' will do its world premiere at the 2012 Raindance Film Festival in London on October 2nd. This screening will be followed by a Q&A session and a reading of his choice by Chuck Palahniuk. The event will also be attended by the film’s director, Andy Mingo.

After the screening/reading join Chuck in an intimate dinner with a dozen other people at a prestigious location in Leicester Square.

Tickets to the dinner are available now on a silent auction basis through the IFT. The proceeds will be used to fund its work in bringing filmmaking skills to disadvantaged people.

(scroll down a bit on page)

Tickets to the October 2nd World Premiere/reading will be available on that same page and go on sale September 4. For now, you can reserve your space for the screening and reading/Q&A.

For more on the film, check out the trailer:

And be sure to follow the film's Facebook page here:

And it's Official Site:

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Chuck Palahniuk To Appear At Powell's This Saturday In Portland, OR

Chuck Palahniuk To Appear At Powell's This Saturday In Portland, OR

If you've ever been to Portland, OR and not visited Powell's City of Books, you have done yourself a great disservice.  Powell's is easily considered one of the greatest bookstores in North America and, like many authors, it just so happens to be one of Chuck Palahniuk's favorites.  Therefore, Chuck has agreed to not only stop by for their upcoming 41st birthday event this Saturday, but will be bringing some goodies to give away and sign.

Here are the details, straight from Chuck's mouth: