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Posted by Dennis

Check Out These Hysterical Promo Trailers for 'BEAUTIFUL YOU!'

'Beautiful You' promo trailer image

Beautiful You is out in less than two weeks now (October 21st!) and promotion is ramping up! Check out these two hysterical videos the good folks at Doubleday Books created. 

"A billion husbands are about to be replaced."

"Everything you've ever wished for..."

Posted by Dennis

'Fight Club' Los Angeles Screening With Chuck Palahniuk & Jim Uhls At Beyond Fest!

'Fight Club' LA screening at Beyond Fest w/ Chuck Palahniuk & Jim Uhls

Earlier this month, when Chuck's tour dates for Beautiful You were announced, there was a little sadness from us here in Los Angeles that Chuck wouldn't be visiting. But a few weeks later, all of that melancholy has evaporated as it's just been announced that, not only will Beyond Fest be showing a 35mm print of Fight Club, but that both Chuck Palahniuk and screenwriter Jim Uhls will be attendance. Here's the official word from the folks at Beyond Fest:

Posted by Dennis

'Burnt Tongues: An Anthology of Transgressive Stories' Is Finally Out!

'Burnt Tongues: An Anthology of Transgressive Stories'

Burnt Tongues: An Anthology of Short Stories is finally out in stores today! This book has been years in the making. I want to thank all of those that had a part in this book's creation over the years and stuck with us through the long periods with no updates. I also want to congratulate all the writers who have stories included in this: Neil Krolicki, Chris Lewis Carter, Gayle Towell, Tony Liebhard, Michael De Vito, Jr., Tyler Jones, Phil Jourdan, Richard Lemmer, Amanda Gowin, Matt Egan, Fred Venturini, Brandon Tietz, Adam Skorupskas, Bryan Howie, Brien Piechos, Jason M.

Posted by Dennis

Read An Excerpt From "Beautiful You"

"Beautiful You" by Chuck Palahniuk

Chuck Palahniuk's upcoming novel Beautiful You doesn't come out until October 21st, 2014. But for those who can't wait, and want a taste of what this book has to offer, we have for you today an

Posted by Dennis

The Complete List Of Tips From Tender Branson in 'Survivor'

'Survivor' by Chuck Palahniuk

Every day on this website I marvel at the love, commitment and inspiration fans of Chuck Palahniuk get from his books. It's pretty awesome stuff. Everything from artwork to writings to tattoos to even photo shoots and music videos. (it's all in our Fan Submissions gallery btw!). But today is just something new AND helpful.

Posted by Dennis

SDCC - Listen To The Entire 50 Min FIGHT CLUB Panel From Comic-Con

You all owe Jeff Goldsmith, of the Q&A Podcast, a round of drinks. The one question I was seeing repeatedly out of Comic-Con this past weekend, was whether or not anyone recorded the FIGHT CLUB panel Saturday night. I was present for it and, man, it was the highlight of the entire convention. The line was enormous (with tons of people not getting in). And Chuck, Fincher and company told stories that had the entire audience enraptured.

Posted by Dennis

More Details Revealed For Chuck's Short Story Collection, 'Make Something Up'

Earlier this year, we revealed details on Chuck's 2015 book, which would actually be a new collection of short stories called Make Something Up. Today, Doubleday feeds us some new details!

Doubleday announced today that Chuck Palahniuk’s first short story collection, MAKE SOMETHING UP: Stories You Can’t Unread, will be published on April 7, 2015, in conjunction with the release of the 10-issue FIGHT CLUB 2 graphic novel series by Dark Horse Comics.   

Posted by Dennis

SDCC - Here Are All The Places Chuck Palahniuk Will Be At Comic-Con This Year!

Chuck Palahniuk at Comic-Con

Chuck Palahniuk is a busy boy at this year's San Diego Comic-Con. So if you're a fan of his, keeping track of all the places he'll be might already be proving a maddening experience. So let me make it easier for you! Here is a round-up of all the signings, panels, etc Chuck has going on this year at SDCC... in order! (and keep an eye on this post for updates!)

Friday, July 25 – 10:00 to 11:00am

Posted by Dennis

SDCC - Chuck Will Be Signing Those Exclusive FIGHT CLUB Blu-Rays at The Fox Booth!

Exclusive FIGHT CLUB Blu-ray only at San Diego Comic-Con

Chuck's involvement in this year's Comic-Con (which starts tomorrow!) keeps getting more and more siginificant. Now he's decided to lend his hand to the Fox booth and will be signing those amazing new FIGHT CLUB Blu-rays, with the exclusive artwork only for San Diego Comic-Con, that we debuted yesterday. Here are the details!