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Fight Clubs Links

Fight Clubs Across The Net

Sure, webrings are fine, but from day one we have had the biggest collection of Fight Club websites on the net. Except no substitute.


Official Sites

  1. Official Fight Club DVD Site
    Exactly what you'd expect: tons of cool style but no real content. They had this contest you could join though.
  2. Fight Club - Official 20th Century Fox Page
    Beautiful design to this page and cool tones but not a lot of substance. I was finally able to get the public announcements working so that was cool. But you'll find yourself getting fuzzed out by the lack of subtext on this site. And like most official sites, it's never been updated.
  3. Fight Club - Official UK Site
    Seems that they yanked this one completely. All that shows up is the Fox official page, UK branch.

Fan Sites

  1. Fight Club MX
    Rivals the official site in overall visual experience. Flash driven with some sick navigation too.
  2. PSSC Gallery of Fight Club Art
    Could be the most comprehensive collection of Fight Club media on the net. Pictures, wallpapers, downloads, postcards, you fucking name it... he has it.
  3. More Palahniuk Quotes
    Nothing new here, but worth the look if you're bent on collecting as many Palahniuk quotes as you can find.
  4. The Return of Hobbes
    The ever popular Calvin and Hobbes Fight Club was so nicely transcribed and laid out by
  5. Welcome To Paper Street
    Another semi-new website with an amazingly slick design and cool flash nav.
  6. Tyler and Jack's Bloodstained Basement
    Macgruder's page, which I always have to give major props to since his concept is so original and unique. If you don't believe me, check it out.
  7. Project Mayhem - A Counter Strike Clan
    This site makes me wish I knew how to use frames better. Some very nice design work here.
  8. Who Is Tyler Durden?
    Do you like egg rolls? You'll see what I mean when you click this link. Strange...
  9. Welcome To Fight Club - Weekend Game
    One of the longest standing Fight Club fan sites out there. Takes a very nice approach to showing fan appreciation.
  10. Prokect Mayhem - Tribute To Fight Club
    A UK site that's probably one of the best. This guy offers it all and keeps a very slick design held together but easy to use navigation. Highly recommended.
  11. Where's Tyler Durden?
    Another wacky site that may bore you after five minutes but hey, you gotta salute the idea.
  12. 8 Kinds Of Mustard
    A hysterical Fight Club discussion page. Also, the first of its kind.
  13. The Fight Club Webring
    This is a small, yet growing collection of Fight Club oriented sites. you'll find us there. Email the web keeper if you know of any other Fight Club sites willing to join up.

*A special thanks to the memory of the Unofficial Fight Club Site which exists no more due to a run in with 20th Century Fox. They were the ones who first linked us and therefore, gave us our start. So wherever you guys are out there, once again, thank you.

Information Sites

  1. Fight Club - Dark Horizons Page
    Garth Franklin always puts together wonderful dedications to all the films he covers on his amazing movie site Dark Horizons. They're also one of the only major film sites to cover Chuck related movie news. Bravo, Garth.
  2. Fight Club - Page
    Has a small messageboard as well as trailer and TV spots links.
  3. Fight Club Soundtrack Incomplete
    A very cool page that lists all the tracks you hear in the movie, but that don't appear on the soundtrack CD.
  4. Yahoo Movies - Coming Attractions Page
    General info about cast and crew, release info and more. But has some cool critics review links.
  5. Fight Club - Internet Movie Database
    Has a cast list and some cool info. and it's finally been updated so expect to find a lot of goodies there now EXCEPT!!!!!!!!!!!!! for a link to our site so screw them.

Foreign Sites

  1. German Fight Club Site
  2. Hungarian Fight Club Site
  3. Scandanavian Fight Club Site

Fight Club Related

  1. Fight Club - On Edward Norton Information Page
    I'm putting this one first because, quite simply, it's one of the best resources on Fight Club you're ever going to find on the net. Furthermore, the guy keeps a tight site and knows how to update. Check out some of the rare promotional material this guy has on his site, as well as audio of Ed Norton at a Yale college event discussing Fight Club. This page is a must see!
  2. A David Fincher News Site
    Run by our very own Roland Gaberz, this page is probably the best David Fincher site on the net. It's also the only one that keeps updated. With such a following as Fincher has among movie enthusiasts, how can this be?
  3. <-- w w w . d u s t . b r o t h e r s . c o m -->
    The home of those awesome composers/mixers, The Dust Brothers. Stop off here and check out the hyper-kinetic world of the guys who provided Fight Club with one of the best soundtracks ever.

*If you have a Fight Club fan site you would to submit, please click here to shoot me an email with the appropiate link. Thanks!