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Dennis's picture Posted by Dennis

Mike Birbiglia

The Strange Observer
Becky Fritter
Mike Birbiglia Interview on

By nature of the beast and by his own admissions, Mike Birbiglia does not fill the mold of stereotypical class clown. Far from a gregarious powerhouse of wild humor, the manner in which the slightly reserved comic delivers a line is less focused on drawing a short unison laugh from the crowd; rather, he weaves the line into a string of strange and dreamy observations about the world that leave his audience not only rolling on the floor but highly engaged.

Dennis's picture Posted by Dennis

Michael Ian Black and Michael Showalter Interview

From The State to Stella
Manuel Garcia
Michael Ian Black and Michael Showalter

The air in the night sent a tingling sensation through my spine, with the hairs on my arms and legs standing straight up like obedient soldiers. An hour before the show, I heard the car engine of my friend thumping as the car swerved through downtown streets the size of anorexic tunnels. We parked next to a dumpster and handed a stranger a five dollar bill, hoping he was authentic and not just some bum trying to score some drug money. There was a small line of fifteen people outside of the venue. Is this it?