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Chuck's Birthday Book

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Chuck's Birthday Book

Everyone on this board has died,
this means I get to be emperor

Who ever accused The Cult of not being your very own day care center? Why, what other websites do you know that have their own Arts and Crafts projects? What's today's project? Well, for the past year, the most popular ongoing thread in our Forums is a little thing we like to call "The Emperor Thread." Started by Cult Member 'prototype,' the Emperor Thread started as a back and forth between a few members, recalling self-deprecating stories about their life, but soon evolved into the most popular thread in our site's history. Some of the best stories you'll ever hear... some of the funniest moments ever recalled... and by far some best writing ever pumped out of people who, a day earlier, may've been notorious for the type of one line posts that begin with a "huh' and end with a question mark.


The Emperor Thread became the stuff of legends with over 1918 replies and over 20,000 hits. So when a couple of our devoted staff members had the idea of turning this long, sprawling, thread into a coffee table book for Chuck Palahniuk on his 41st birthday, how could I resist. Pretty soon forum member Tuffy The Dump Truck was fielding an amount of over $300 spearheaded by members Mirka and Snow White in order to have the thread formatted, printed, and pressed into a nice leather bound book for the Chuckster.

And as of February 21st (Chuck's birthday), the complete Emperor Thread "Birthday Book" has been completed and sent over to Chuck.

This section is here now as a "How To" for people interested in making their own Emperor Thread book. Not only will it list a tutorial telling you how to go about contacting a press and arranging the printing, but it also features pictures of the original book, as well as the entire thread, formatted (with copyright page included) for your download.

Download The Book

This is still an active thread and you can add your story to the legend here!

Emperor Thread - PDF Format (opens as Adobe Reader file) - Recommended
Emperor Thread - RTF format (opens in Microsoft Word)


Below are more images of the original "Emperor Thread" book we sent off to Chuck for his 41st birthday! Enjoy!



Want Your Own Copy?

If you are interested in having your own copy of this book you are welcome to download the files, print them and make one or arrange to have one made. Many local adult schools and community colleges offer classes in book making/binding books. Check out an  online tutorial here.

If you'd like one professionally made check the yellow pages or Google to find a professional bookbinder in your area. Most larger metropolitan area's have several. Usually, you will be asked to bring in a printed copy of the text. Be sure to ask if this is for reference only or if this will be used for the actual book. If so, be sure to choose good quality, acid free paper or ask the bookbinder for a recommendation.

To read more about the making of the book, Click Here!
To read more about the fundraising efforts, Click Here!

The People That Made It Happen

Stories Contributed By:
(in order of number of posted stories)

prototype, lupus, insomnomaniac, jane s., The Gucci Ghost, Aurelius Caulfield, mirkah, Michael, Rents, succotash moon, Tuffy the Dump Truck, Prensa Taladradora, disx, Lazlosdead, Brock Landers, origamiLips, lokigod, DoNotTrip, Pooka, Alex, leonardshelby, Dennis, Wesley Sonck, SnowWhite, JKabol, moe.ron, Becks77, grade 5 dropout, Goodfella, Masochism, AztecCaracal, ArcherDylan27, Nightrious, kayla_macneil, EthanRHunt, knoxville, dr dylan mcmillan, PIZman, gyppy, framstedt, Dazed, dirty spaniard, twosmokingbarre, HiGhJiNx, godspeed, Grae, morphiend, daisyhead1027, MrHangman, alex cassun, sidefly, bane, Fucko, qualitycontrolrep, writerPTL, Valchrist, GlassSandwich, alene

Funds to make the book were contributed by

9.10.84 (Autumn), aka_Zoe, Dennis, Heavenly Donut, HiGhJiNx, James Gents, JKabol, Mirkah, Morey, Nightrious, Prensa Taladradora, Solle, Sugarplumcootie, tinylife, turd's protege, Tuffy the Dump Truck, XChuck

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