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Zombie Movie Recommendations

I'm recently getting into Zombie movies. Very recently.

I really liked Shawn of The Dead, and I just got Dawn of The Dead and I can't wait to watch it. (And yes, I know SoTD is a comedy and DoTD isn't). Night of the Living Dead was pretty awesome, too. I've seen a couple old zombie flicks with a friend, too, but I don't recall the names.

Anyway, I've been told I need to check out Zombiland and Fido (I'd never heard of it either.) I've also been told to never watch Zombie Strippers, but not with much good reasoning.

So guide me. What else that ranks high on your Zombie movie list? I mean classics to modern day. I need recommendations so I'll have something to spend Xmas loot on.

Running list so far:

  1. Shawn of the Dead (Seen it, but I ought to buy it.)
  2. Zombieland
  3. Fido
  4. Return of the Living Dead
  5. [REC]
  6. Land of the Dead
  7. Dawn of the Dead (original, since I have the remake)
  8. Evil Dead
  9. Night Of The Creeps
  10. Zombie Flesh Eaters
  11. Braindead
  12. 28 Days & Weeks Later
  13. Army of Darkness (Seen it, but I don't own it.)
  14. Colin
  15. Dead Alive
  16. Quarantine
  17. The Rage
  18. Feast(?)
  19. Re-Animator
  20. They Came Back
  21. Black Sheep
  22. Resident Evil(?)
  23. The Beyond
  24. Versus