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Zombie Films... (Night Vs. Dawn)

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Whoever started this thread is a zombie with no brain! Part 2:Electric Bugaloo. Directed by Brock Landers.

Okay, Brock's note on the "Good Films" thread got me thinking (a rare treat, indeed!) That, and this 28 Days Later hoopla, ties in nicely., I love zombie films as a genre in itself. ...But this is not the point of the thread now before you.

My point is this. Quite often, critics tout George Romero's Dawn Of The Dead as a superior film to his classic Night Of The Living Dead. Sure, Dawn is a satire of 70's consumerism, albeit a jokey, ham-fisted one (at a time when many films were already taking on consumerism), but Night takes on racism in a much more effective manner - and at a time when the issue of racism was [i]very[/i] touchy indeed. It is also scary, which Dawn is not. Add in the fact that it was shot on a much lower budget, in black & white, with cheaper (yet much more effective - read "realistic") special effects, had a better story, writing, acting, etc., and you have a better film.

Thoughts? Which do you think is better, and why?