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Zombie Apocalypse: Cultie Style


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I think a lot of people have had the "where would you go in the event of a zombie apocalypse" conversation. Lets take it a bit further.

Assuming we are talking about the original, low motor skill, moaning, sluggish zombies, not the new Dawn of the Dead or Land of the Dead style zombies; I know where I would go. There is a Wal-mart that is part of a connected shopping center here. Also in the center are Burlington coat factory, Big Lots, and a furniture store. Though they all have glass doors, none of them have full glass fronts. That makes me feel a little safer. So we start out in the Wal-Mart and knock down sections of the walls to make doorways between the stores (assuming this can be done without heavy machinary). Between wal-mart and the furniture store, there should be sufficient means to block the glass doors. I think it would work quite nicely.

Which culties would I take with me? Well first I need to make sure there is sufficient muscle for the knocking down of walls. The first though I have there is Rossthefireman, cause firemen have to knock down doors and stuff, right? After that I have to guess because I don't know that much about the strength of my fellow culties, so Ill just hope all of the other guys I pick aren't pussies.

For defense reasons I'd take Nightrious, the nun-chuck skills could definitely come in handy. And I'm pretty sure he does body building as well. I would also take Frank because I know that he must know how to shoot a gun.. even if he doesn't have one...

For culinary skill and mom abilities I would take Prensa and Synnove.

For their brains filled with random, useful information I would take Spike and Jase.

To add a bit of cultural divercity I would take Derek and Mr. Brown.

For comic relief I would take Monkeywright.

I'd take Jane, Tom9d and myshotgunface just because it wouldn't be right without them.

Because they have good genes and we might need that in the future for breeding reasons, I'd take bigshrimpn, Levi, essga, and alex pallix.
And because its a package deal I'd take Jill's Tit.

To fill the role of the red headed step child, I'd take Corellion

To keep everyone in line in the event of mass chaos, I'd take mirka.

And for no particular reason I'd take Phil.

EDIT: Oh man, I forgot moonie! She would be there to just exist and be awesome.

In the event of a food shortage who would I eat first? Thats a hard one. I guess it'd have to be Nightrious cause he's the one I know the least. Not a very good reason I know. I hope there are no hard feelings.

What about you?

1. In the event of a zombie apocalypse, where would you take shelter?

2. Which culties would you want to join you in your shelter?

3. In the event of a food shortage, which cultie would you eat first?