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Your video game ideas

what are some video game ideas?

i had one called 'dictator' and it's kind of a strategy game. you pick from any number of dictators throughout history. napoleon, stalin, hitler, ceasar, saddam hussein, mussolini, fidel castro, whatever. then you have to build up your nation and influence your followers. you can buy arms black market or from the USA. george w. would be a hidden character. build alliances with other countries, only to invade them when the time is right. real historic events happen during your game, depending on which character you choose. if you play hitler, you can build concentration camps or if you play castro, you get to rip off the mafia. that kind of stuff.

i also thought of a jesus game. you basically play the life of jesus. you perform miracles like turning water into wine using complex button combinations. you have to learn how to walk on water and to influence your 12 disciples. you can fight soldiers and stuff but you lose points when you do. you have to hide from the soldiers when judas betrays you. there's a battle with judas and a battle with king herod or whoever he was. then you fight satan at the last level, which is the apocalypse.

i had an idea for a prison game but i don't know how it would work.