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Your realistic goals:

6. Get face carved into Mount Rushmore. Also, have sophisticated animatronics so my face blinks. Do this by:

5. Saving Bill Gates from a gang of surf assassins and their trained attack sharks, a few monts after I:

4. Start a detective agency in Hawaii that only deals with surf-related crimes. The detective agency will be financed by:

3. Winning the lottery. This will be made easier by purchasing 17,000 lottery tickets, which I'll pay for by:

2. Securing dozens of high-interest loans in the same day from every shady payday and title loan place in town, and whoever else will lend me money. I plan to go about this by:

1. Maxing out a few credit cards to buy hundreds of Santeria candles from a Mexican grocery store to boost my luck. It'll all get paid off when I win the lottery in step #3, right?