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Your Poss-eey!


Ok, so this may have been done, but hell, what hasn't been done on here?

I want to see who are your friends. I want myspace pictures, fliker, photobucket, whatever. I just want to see all the smiley faces of the people that are your pose. And I mean in [I]real life.[/I] No jokes, I want people who you call your buds.

I'll start.

[URL=]One of my best friends, Leah[/URL]

[URL=]My other best friend, Tyler[/URL]

These two are the ones I made up LeHaHi with. We did their's as well. TyDeWa and LeKaTe. I still like ToMaTo the best.

[URL=]This is josh, he has a fraternal twin I'm also friends with, I just don't have a picture of the other one.[/URL]

Your turn!