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Your Movie

k we have all been hyped up about a movie, i know for a fact ebcause of how much most members ont he board love their movies. but one of the greatest parts of the movies, is the waiting. the hype built up, the what seems like endless amounts of time until the day your movie is finally released or is finally available for viewing. well tell us which movies did this for you.

i rmemeber the Jurassic Park movies really hyped me up and just drove me nuts until they were finally released, but not as much as House of 1000 Corpses. i rmemeber waiting sooooo friggin long for that movie, and it being the underdog it was not a lot of info and pictures were released before the flick. leaving endless plot possibilities and ideas for me to think up, based on the few bits of information and stills that were released.i havnt been so excited or hyped up about a film, as i was for House of 1000 Corpses