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Your most uninspiring teachers

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We've all probably had a few school teachers we've despised for some reason.  Did you give them a nick name?  Or, maybe it was your school bus driver.  What did they do to piss you off.  Did you retaliate?

I had a preschool teacher that was an ugly mean witch.  Her breath stunk like peanut butter so I called her peanut butter breath.  Like one time I fell of the jungle gym at recess face first and she wouldn't help me up.  Then she yelled at me in front of my dad because she had to help me put my boots on.  I turned out to be a very obnoxious pre schooler and ate glue and threw my toys around at recess time when they told us to put our toys away. 

Then I had this evil bus driver in junior high.  She wrote me up because I made faces at somebody on the how many kids don't make faces at somebody at some point.  We nick named her peter hair because is was the seventies and it was all wooley.  Oh, yeah, my PE teacher in junior high, all I can say is what a nazi ass.

Oh, I had a pervert teacher too who cornered me an an adult bookstore "out of concern."

We also made obscene phone calls before everyone had caller id to teachers that annoyed us in some way.