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your most depressing songs

downwardspiral_nin's picture downwardspiral_nin
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Im sure this has been asked before but i never saw it so lets do it again.

this is my list,

nine inch nails- something i can never have
nine inch nails- and all that could have been

these were the only two songs to ever bring me too tears

nine inch nails- hurt
nine inch nails- the fragile
nine inch nails- the great below

pearl jam- black
pearl jam- yellow ledbetter
pearl jam- betterman

alice in chains- i stay away
alice in chains- rotten apples

the cure- the figurehead
the cure- a letter to elise
the cure- lovesong
the cure- just like heaven
the cure- burn

beck-lonesome tears
actually now that i think of this song, i remember my eyes actually swelling up

garbage- medication

tori amos-tear in your hand

fiona apple- love ridden