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#Your Last 3 SMS


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ok, so, id like to run a little experiment. whenever you collect some worth posting, that are funney, interesting, etc (ie. not just 'hi, ill be there in 5 mins) SMS messages from people, post them. lets keep a little record. ( oh, & for those of you, that dont call the SMS messages in your part of the world, what i mean is MSGs sent to your mobile from friends/enemies etc)


#Oh, it was jokey, dont worry.
The amusing part was that so much
has changed since then.
Defending myself 4 the
sake of ur ego makes me :(
im not being bitchy!

#Im in a 'running away' mood too.
But im also too busy to justify it.
Ur not irrelevant
What am i to u?

#Yeah, thats cool
I just got my Learners licence
i passed the test 100%
talk to you tonite