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Your guilty pop pleasures.

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I mostly hate music out of the modern pop industry, but I admit it- I have a hanson album from my pre-teens. My teenage sister's friends would come into my room and be impressed by my Nirvana albums, but then would lose all respect when they saw the hanson album.

Also, I admit to dancing around to the following songs:
Gary Glitter-Rock n Roll part 2 *
Survivor (Rocky III theme)-Eye of the tiger
Carly Simon-You're So Vain
Michael Jackson-every song, especially Billy Jean, or Black or White
The Final Countdown....(list goes on)

*About that. I feel incredibly bad. The guy's an utterly hideous creature that molests young children. I feel like I should have been one of those kids...somehow.Cringe.

Now confess you bastards...