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Your favorite restaurant

Already a thread for this? Well, I couldn't find it. Which means that it's old enough to be replaced. Be specific. I want the location as well as the name. The Jack-in-the-Box in my city might not be as good as the one in yours (my city has no Jack-in-the-Box). One thing always on my intinerary when I venture out of town is eating at unique (good) places. I would like to be able to consult this thread upon doing so. So be honest fuckers!

My favorite restaurant is Cafe Tu Tu Tango in Orlando, FL. It is a tapas bar and is decorated with tons of local artists' work. Everything is for sale and they usually have a couple artists there painting right in front of you.

I'd love to hear about well known restaurants in places other than America. No matter how common they might seem to you, our (my) knowledge of foreign foods is very limited. I love Pollo Tropical which is a fast food joint in South Florida but their chicken is divine.

Anyone else?