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Young Love

I need information for something I'm writing. This could have went into the research forum but it's a good GD topic and nobody reads that fucking forum anyway. Exactly what I'm writing isn't important, I don't think. I think if you guys just ramble on and on and on on this topic I will eventually pick something out that will work with what I'm doing.


The topic is young love. I'm particularly interested in grader seven/eight era, and if this is the time you had your first kiss, then that would be great. First kisses, first time being in a one on one intimate conversation with somebody your own age of the opposite sex, confused feelings, whatever. Grade sevenish. Boy and girl. Stories, anecdotes. From YOUR perspective. Dialogue, if you can remember what was said. You can go on as long as you want. I will read every post in this thread. You seriously can't go on long enough if it's on this topic, because I'm currently at a stand still without some information and I'm not exactly sure what it is I need to hear but if you all type your asses off I'm sure something will click.