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Young Adam (2003; Ewan McGregor; David Byrne))

Every shot of this movie is so beautiful, I'd be proud to own any still of it on a wall in my home.

It stars Ewan McGregor and Emily Mortimer and it's very much a Scottish film. The score is by another Scot, David Byrne, and it was written and directed by two more Scots. It's based on a novel of the same name that has some sort of cult following (ring a bell?) and that's how it was made at all.

Here's a link to [URL=]Young Adam[/URL] at IMDB.

I don't know when or if an American audience will get to see it and I see no reason why not. You may remember there being some press about the full frontal Ewan nudity. This is that movie. More's the pity that something so frivolous (no shame to the man himself) would gain the greater share of attention than the film itself.

I'm currently super-seeding a torrent of the DVD of this film. If you'd like to see it, PM me and I'll send you the torrent. I love this film and I think some people here would find something special in it, just as I have.

(I'll try to attach the torrent here, to see if that'll work too - Just remove the .txt off the end of the filename and it will work.)