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"You stupid midget fuck!!!"

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Painters showed up at my work yesterday to, you guessed it, paint the outside of the building. Well, their painting shenanagans made me and my co-worker put a halt on the dog walking (I still work at the kennel).

The painters taped and blocked the back door which leads to the dog walking area and the food shed. And of course, we'd still get food orders which would force us to find alternate routes around the entire building to the food shed instead of going through our easy access back door.

So I get an order for a 20 lb. bag of duck and potato dog food. I head out the side door, across the parking lot, around the painters' vans finally to the food shed. I grab the bag and go back towards front reception.

And as I'm up there, the receptionist takes the food. She is the midget I refer to in the title of the thread. Well, she's not quite a midget. She's a tall midget. She's still short, but she's taller than a midget. She has the midget qualities to her: the odd looking midget face, thick thighs, etc.

Well, she asks me to go back and get another food order. This time a 10 lb. bag of duck and potato food. I'm slightly irritated about going all the way back through that labyrinth to get such a little bag of food, but I have no choice, since it's my job.

I go all the way back, get the food, and come back to the front. She says in that midget-esque tone of hers,"Oh, I told you a 10 lb. bag but I meant another 20 lb. bag of food."

And oh god did I want to yell,"You stupid midget fuck!!!" but I held it back. I probably would've gotten fired if I said that, cuz people don't want to take sides against verbally abused midgets. Who would want to?

But it wasn't her fault. She's still new to the job and new people make mistakes. But it was either the tone of her voice or the midgeteristics she had that just enraged me and still do.

I think I don't like midgets.