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You Can Make Him Like You - Book Club December '11

December's Book Club pick is You Can Make Him Like You by Ben Tanzer

I think it was recommended to me (us?) by Brandon Tietz.

I started reading it last week (I think) and I'm loving it. It's funny, honest, and fast paced. If you liked Syrup or Company by Max Barry - you'll like this. And if you didn't like those, you'll still like this - I promise.

Here's the description:

You Can Make Him Like You, Tanzer's third novel is an adventure in being a grown up, in facing relationships and jobs, friendships and parenthood. A true exploration of what it means to live in our world, saturated with pop culture in the midst of real life struggles.

Here's a youtube video/interview about the book. I'm guessing Myles is his son? I'm sure he can correct me on that, because he should be stopping in to say "hi" to all of us.

Here's his blog: This Blog Will Change Your Life

I think that's it for now.

Get to reading.