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"you are the one for me." a very unmerry christmas (book inscriptions)

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i'm a member at paperbackswap, where you can trade any books (or cd's, or dvds) you've got laying about for other people's stuff. everything i've ever wishlisted has come to me eventually :)

first time i read invisible monsters it was a library copy, and i recently added it to my wishlist because i wanted to own a free copy of it. today, when it arrived it had a second story to tell on the inside cover:


i love you now and forever. you are the one for me.

merry christmas,

somebody really loved this book and it's previous owner intensely. in my head i imagine a hundred scenarios that might have been.

so, anyone ever picked up a used book with a telling or just plain weird inscription? how about somethin with unlikely passages highlighted, or strange writing in the margins?