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Yet another intro thread

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I've been meaning to make an introduction thread here for a while, but since I'm a lazy guy, I procrastinate. A lot.
But when I saw Max Barry on the official website, I just had to do this.

Barry got me into reading. Sure, back at school I read tons of books, but I only did it because I had to. When I got to college, I was glad I'd never have to crack a non-technical book ever again.
But then, a couple of years ago I started playing a little online game called [url=]NationStates[/url], which was surprisingly fun. The website said the game was based on a novel by some guy named Max Barry. I pondered, pondered and someday I decided to get that book, Jennifer Government. Even though it was nothing like the game, I just loved it.
Now, I have a shelf full of books ranging from John Grisham to some polish author the library guy said was great, but I don't see it. The point is, I'm reading again, but this time it's because I want to.

Which led me to Chuck Palahniuk. I started with Fight Club, shortly followed by Diary. Then I kinda forgot all about him, because I went through a mafioso phase, on which I read 4 books by Mario Puzo.
Until about 2 months ago, when I was at a newsstand to buy my favorite sports newspaper, and I saw on the cover of Playboy magazine, "A short story by Chuck Palahniuk". I never knew he did short stories, which I enjoy reading more than novels, to be honest. I pondered, pondered and decided to get it. First time I ever buy porn, and it really is for the articles (you can get enough free porn on the web, anyway).
It was that short story by Chef Assassin, from Haunted. The minute I saw it was a book filled with short stories, I had to get it.
And I was blown away, really. My favorite one is Exodus, it still makes me sad, angry and happy everytime I read it.

So, here I am.

Oh, a bit about myself too, I guess. I'm a guy, 21. I study computer science, and I live in São Paulo, Brazil.