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Yes. Yes. I met Chuck. Who wants to touch me?

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Just hours ago, I went to see Chuck's reading of [I]Guts[/I] since he's down here in Vegas. [I]Guts[/I] is very graphic and disgusting and great. It was even greater hearing Chuck read it. He also read a chapter from [I]Fight Club[/I] and a postcard from [I]Fugitives and Refugees[/I].

It was very packed. They played Nine Inch Nails on some speakers. Some poor late saps had to watch Chuck's reading on a monitor in some other room far away. I saw an old couple there. They went for their son who was at work, I overheard them say. I bet their son is an asshole who yells at his sweet old parents. "Fuck you, Dad! Give me money!" There were many teens there, all of them walking advertisements for Hot Topic. Some people brought there kids.

Anyway, after he was done reading it was on to the Q & A. He threw out prop legs to people who asked questions. People asked some really retarded questions. "Did you intend for Marla's name to be an anagram for [I]Alarm[/I]?" Chuck's response:"Wow, you're smarter than me." The guy just wanted a fake leg.

After that, it was on to the signing. 85 minutes(I counted) after he started signing, it was my turn to meet him. I asked him about his visit to our local run down Zoo. He said it was depressing. He signed my copy of [I]Survivor[/I] and brand new copy of [I]Diary[/I]. I shook his hand and took a picture.

So if he ever comes to your town, make sure to go. If you are busy with your job, quit it. Oh yeah, he counted someone tonight as number 40. As in, the number of people who have fainted during his reading of [I]Guts[/I]. I think that person was faking it though. Sorry this isn't in the Chuck forum. I feel more people read the General Discussion forum.