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Xbox 360


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People have gotten ahold of some pictures for it. They say the pics are official. (?)
[URL=] Here3[/URL]

The graphics looks excellent, but Im not sure if thats a movie still or an actual in-game pic.
Im not at all impressed with the white controller. Looks incredibly uncomfortable.

For those of you who have played [URL=]Our Colony Cap[/URL] [URL= Image[/URL] [URL=]New Images[/URL]

[URL=]This[/URL] is bullshit. Haha, As if the Xbox isnt big enough. They know that. Thats why thats a fake pic.
When deciding to get the original Xbox, I went into the store then walked out after I realised how monstrous it was, I didnt buy it. Then Fable came out, so I got it.

[URL=]Heres[/URL] a pic of their original concept, which I like better. Why the hell theyre going with the colour white boggles the shit outta me.

There is a lot of cool concept pics for the XBox 360, some better than what theyre supposedly going with...

Well, I dont believe Im going to get the new XBox, unless....MAYBE if they do what they had done when they came out with the Halo XBox, turn yours in for X amount of dollars towards the new.