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X-Men: First Class (SPOILERS)

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Just saw it. Overall I liked it a lot. But it does have it's problems.

First, the Good:
-Kelsey Grammer doesn't play Beast.
-The set, production, and costume design (Except one costume) makes the film look like an old James Bond film.
-Obscure mutants. I've always found them more interesting than the more famous characters like Wolverine and Magneto. And they usually have more interesting powers than "Shoot shit out eyes" or "Make it rain."
-Kevin Bacon in all hiss Kevin Bacon-y glory.
-A lot of good performances. I especially like the guy they got to play Banshee.
-Good action set-pieces.
-Wolverine's cameo was pretty great.

Now the Bad:
-Wasn't crazy about the actor they got to play Beast. He seems too young and thin.
-Make-up on Beast is a bit iffy in some shots. It's about 50% make-up, 50% CGI, though they could have used more CGI. His upper lip barely moves.
-Some hammy dialogue. That's to be expected though. it is a comic book movie after all.
-This may be a bit biased because I hate Betty Draper with a fiery passion, but I didn't care for January Jones as Emma Frost. But I've never read an X-Men comic in my life so if Emma Frost is suppose to be an icy bitch than she got the part down flawlessly.
-The CGI for diamond Emma Frost is also iffy. I preferred the design they used for Wolverine, seen here. In that she actually looks liek she's made of diamond. In First Class when she changes, she just looks like she's made of glass.
-Magneto's costume at the end looked way too cartoony.
-Not paced very well. I thought the training of the new mutants would take up a good part of the film. It's actually just a 15 minute montage. More than 25 percent of the film is made up of scenes of world leaders and politicians and military guys sitting around talking. And it only seems like a few weeks pass between when Charles and Erik first meet to when they go their separate ways so it's kind of hard to care. They act more like work buddies than "old friends" as they put it in the original films. But again, I've never read the comics so maybe they got this part right or something.
-Michael Fassbender's accent seems to go in and out, especially towards the end where he sounds Irish. I mean I know he is Irish, but I don't think Magneto is.

And the Ugly:
-Nothing really ugly, but the one thing that bothered me is this: There are only two minority characters in the film and each is given maybe five minutes of screen time. The first dies after his five minutes are up and the other goes evil after two minutes for no real reason. beyond the few green and red skinned characters, the film is startlingly white.

I know the bad stuff seems to outweigh the good but the film really is great. A step above Last Stand and miles above Wolverine. Really hope a sequel gets greenlit.