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Writing project-Advice needed.


Im new to this forum malarky but as i massive chuck fan, i thought, why the hell not.

I have been mulling over and idea for a writing project and would like some input/advice/guidance.

I started plotting and writing the other day and its really difficult. (I assumed it would be!!)

The main character is a taxi driver.He is loner and obviusly not right in the head. He falls in love with a fare he starts to pick up frequently, they never really talks to her, he falls in love with the idea of being with her.

His only friend is a Prostitute who he ferries around in exchange for sexual favours.

He witnesses the woman he "loves" get hit by a hit and run driver. He then chases the man down.

Thats all i got.

Is this enough to start writing? do i need more background?  This is my first major writing project and could do with some help