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Writers who reject reading


Hello everyone.
I wanted to bounce this off you all, since most are either writers or literary enthusiasts.
In a post here, I had said that nothing is original anymore and for the most part everything has already been done. We're all familiar with this problem. I was trained as a historian and I know firsthand the problem of breaking out of your contemporaneous Zeitgeist and seeking objectivity- this too is nearly impossible (with the exception of a Thucydides, for example, who came as close to objectivity as seems possible).

Here is what I have done since I began writing seriously a year and a half ago:
I have refused to read.
I will not read fiction. History, philosophy and politics sometimes. Newspapers sometimes. But NEVER fiction. My best friend fell into a trap with Bret Easton Ellis and his first novel could have been part of AmPsycho... my first attempt was too similar to FC for my taste and I had to tear it up and start over. So now I refuse to read a goddamned thing that could influence me. I do not own a television and I reject mainstream radio. I think this is something you writers may want to think about. If you have developed to the point where yo uare able to stand alone and do your own thing, you should do this. REJECT READING.
I would call this the GG Allin school of literary advance.

Tell me what you folks think of this. Maybe I have hit on something that will work only for me, and that will be useless for anyone else. Maybe we could all benefit from this?