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Write to Chuck and here's what you may get in return.

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Hey everyone,

The fan that sent this in gave me permission to post it. I think it should get some of you who are still a little hesitant to write Chuck more confident and eager about the experience.

[i]Dunno if you care about things like this. If so, you can post it on the site.

I wrote to Chuck 2 or 3 months ago. I just got the reply. Man, is he good to his fans.

First, there was a letter. He answered the questions I had about writing techniques.

Next thing I noticed was a bright orange shirt. A shirt (coincidentally, it's the one I *didn't* buy, so that rocks) with an autograph that reads "I am Kareem's T-shirt" and then Chuck signed it.

Next there was some strange Asian book. I had just come home from a Martial Arts class, so my mind was already in an asian frame of mind. There was what seemed to be Japanese kanji all over the book so I had no clue what it says. I opened it up and Chuck signed it "Kareem, how's your Korean." The book's a Korean language version of Choke. The cover's really cool. There was a package of pumpkin seeds in the book. Next to the copy of Choke was a thin silver diary. The first entry in it was "4/29/03 - mail package to Kareem"

Then came the weird shit. There was a small plush dog keychain. It had a pull string on it. When I pulled it, the dog....vibrated? How strange. There was a small plush cell phone (complete with arms, legs and a smiley face.) It makes a ringing sound when you push the number pad. And the last thing in there was a Santa hat.

How strange. Ah well, I'm all motivated to write now.