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Since Mother's Day is coming up I thought I'd make a mother appreciation thread. Share a story,moment/memory you have of your mother or someone you respected as a mother figure in your life. I have been blessed with many mother figures in my life. First and foremost my mami who gave me life but then there is her mother who I also call Mom. She has been such an inspiration to me. As a young girl she suffered many different types of abuse. My grandmother constantly sought her very own mother's love who treated her like a servant girl/property. Even though all these terrible things happened to her she never became bitter about it and in fact showed even more love to those around her. Especially her children and now her grandchildren. I have always respected and admired my grandmother's style, her great spirit, and many other talents and virtues. My grandmother is fun, dramatic, but overall a very loving person and for all of that I appreciate her.