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Wow, I had a real different reaction to Pygmy (Spoilers)

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So, I bought Pygmy the day it came out and finished it the following saturday and, don't get me wrong, I absolutely loved it. It's definetely one of my favorites, right after Invisible Monsters and Rant and followed by Lullaby. But now that I am reading some reviews, I have found I had a different experience with it and was wondering if anyone felt the way I did.

A good bit of the time, I felt the story got really sad and almost tear worthy. Specifically, the chapter that talked about Pygmy leaving his parents and, after taking the test, finding them slaughtered. Another chapter that really "got me" was the one where "pig brother" started asking Pygmy things that he couldn't answer and Pygmy held that deadly substance up to his brother's nose. That chapter got me because it just kind of made me sad that, while Pygmy was starting to learn to think on his own, he still feels obligated to protect the mission but this time, I could tell it hurt him to do it.

I also didn't see this book as a complete, over-the-top comedy. I saw it more of a "mirror comedy," in which we see ourselves for what we come off as instead of what we are used to. The things Pygmy said to describe church, school, etc were things he didn't know any better to say. Now, I'm not saying they weren't funny, some statements made me put the book down and take a second or two to stop laughing from, but I am saying that it was kind of like listening to a kid try to be a serious adult and it's just a cute kind of funny.

Anyways, like I said, I loved the book. The Operation Havoc project was absolutely genius and I think would totally work in real life, unfortunetaly. Another thing I find ironic is that SOOOO many people are bashing this book because they couldn't get past the EASILY INTERPRETABLE style of writing and the book sometimes covers how lazy and unintelligent Americans can be. Irony, gotta love it!

Btw, please excuse any bad spelling or grammer. I type very fast and I am kind of too lazy to read over it all and fix everything.