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Would you tweet book reviews?

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I've got this idea about starting a trend of tweeting book reviews. Basically, the idea (warning, Twitter-speak coming) is that each book would have its own hashtag. The first tweet about a book would give its title and author. After that, every tweet would be running thoughts on the book.

For example, see the one I did for Paul Tremblay's IN THE MEAN TIME:

Twitter Review: #ITMT In The Mean Time by Paul Tremblay @paulGtremblay

#ITMT story1: The ticking clock is a child’s impending pain. Incredible suspense. I suffered an entire life during this story.

#ITMT story2: Does simple psychosis explain the girl's 2nd head? Her mother's unhealthy support of the condition tears me apart.

#ITMT story3: like a scary retelling of Barthleme's The Balloon through the meta lens of academic legacy.Starts simply clever but ends deep.

#ITMT story4: Procreation, like hunger, is instinctual and ultimately insatiable. One character grows a child. The other eats dirt.

#ITMT story5: Sketches map a metamorphosis plague. Evenson-esque imagery with all the Tremblay emotion I am coming to love.

#ITMT story6: Plant-like growths overtake the world. Two sisters watch it steal their parents. The life cycle through magical realism.

#ITMT story7: Secret-eating spiders wait patiently for food. A lighter story in terms of theme, but no less creepy than the rest.

#ITMT story8: the Jewish aspect feels forced but otherwise a truly haunting tale. Nothing sadder than a caste teased with hope.

#ITMT story9: One brother escapes a childhood he remembers by billboard advertisements. Too short of a story. I want more pages.

#ITMT story10: Blog comments document a recent string of aneurysm deaths. The juxtaposition of casual banter and the serious epidemic works.

#ITMT story11: An isolated neighborhood feels like an unreal limbo. Residential expansion means personal implosion.

#ITMT story12: 2 people literally trapped between the floors of a multi-storied building. Are the floors meant to be heaven and hell?

#ITMT story13: A border patrol agent confiscates a child's tooth. The stolen sentiment tears him apart. Meant to be a novel, @paulGtremblay

#ITMT story14: A comparatively traditional story. A family trying to hide its poverty from the kids. Probably better if I wasn't drunk.

#ITMT story15: surviving an apocalypse in an amusement park. Like trying to end the collection on a happy note, but still fitting blood in.

#ITMT review: At times Aimee Bender minus the domesticity, add humor, mix with welcomed introspection. I'll be reading more @paulGtremblay

The idea would be to encourage readers to post their thoughts about a book as they occur.

I'd call it nOtprah's Book Club.

Does this sound like something that could catch on?