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Is the workshops worth it?

I felt that this would be a better place to ask this question then other places where I might get yelled at by some not so understanding people.

I've been looking over some of the Workshop forums just getting a feel for them and the site in general as I am pretty new to The Cult and so far have only posted about the books that Chuck have written and I was just wondering about people's opinions on whether or not the workshops are actually worth the money.

Now I know that they are really cheap considering how much Chuck had paid for his and how much I could be paying but I am a college student trying to work two jobs and keep up with a lot including money so I'm sure you can understand I'd like to be careful with my money. I would love to be able to just throw my money into the workshops and just go and see what I can get out of it but that's not really an option for me right now.

So if people could give me their opinions on the workshops and tell me how they feel about them that would be great. Also if anyone wants to explain to me how the whole thing would work if I did decide to join that would be wonderful and I'd be very appriciative.

Thank you!