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Wonder if I might ask you people something.

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I started off reading Chuck when I saw Fight Club. I followed him from book to book until Haunted, which was the straw that broke the camel's back for me. The quality of the work just was getting worse and worse, and that book was just a waste of space and type and time. I read that last one he put out before Snuff, whatever it was called, but can genuinely hardly remember a thing about it, except it was ridiculous. I mean, spider bite junkies? Gimme a break.

So I haven't read Snuff, and don't intend to read his new one either. Just here out of random bored curiosity. Can I ask you all something pointless, cos you're never going to agree, at least in public: don't you guys think that Chuck's work is now warmed-over fan-story-reproducing hackwork, thrown out one book every year? I mean, for somebody who supposedly takes himself seriously as a writer he certainly pumps out the boring formulaic word-product every 12 months.

You would think if he was as deep a thinker he and his fans thought he was that he would take more than a scant few months to get together a concept and write a whole book around it. That last one before Snuff was RIDICULOUS. The whole latter half of it was like he had had some ideas and couldn't be bothered to flesh them out in the text into characters and plot, cos that would take time and effort and energy, so he just told you all this weird stupid slide-off-the-eyes-and-brain shit about all the different things happening, all this quasi-metaphysical garbage that was just laughable and ludicrous and annoying and boring and uninvolving.

So. Chuck Palahniuk: once-entertaining hack who has had his day but who now pumps out books according to a publishing schedule, which is by definition typing and not writing.


And please don't abuse me, I'm not in the mood and am asking a serious question.