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Witty title

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So, here it goes. I'm fairly new to the forums, though I've lurked around the site for quite sometime. Living in a small, closed-minded town in South Carolina, not many people understand my cynical outlook on society, or my misanthropic philosophies when dealing with it. That's when I stumbled across Chuck's books. I started out by reading the book for Fight Club when our Philosophy Club (of which I am the secretary) decided to do a lecture on the philosophies contained within the book and the movie. From there, I went on to read Choke and Diary, and finished both within a month. Of course, having 4 Philosophy classes doesnt allow much time for recreational reading when there's Plato, Aristotle, Bergson, Kant, and many others, to read for a required grade. As if you havent guessed it already, I am a Philosophy major. I'm also 21 years old, and go by the name Chris. It's painfully dull, but this is my life, thus far.

So, there it is.