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this will get me killed...


people are so touchy. I can't say I'm not, but what the fuck is going on here??? the other day on tv i couldn't believe what I heard the news woman say
she was being informed on some terrorist thing or a sadaam thing or whatever, and the chick said, "gosh be with us."
it's become so bad, the "watch what you say" rule, that a lady on tv changed her wording and seemed affraid to say GOD be with us...
I know what the woman said doesn't really matter, but the reason it pisses me off is, you can say anything negative about god you want, just dont say anything good about him or that gets under peoples skin. may not be exactly how it is, but it's how it seems.
personally, even if i was athiest, i'd rather god be with us than gosh. fuck this selected freedom of speech.
I guess my point is, this Undecided nation is becoming weaker not stronger, because simple things like this. if you believe in god, believe in god. if you're an athiest, don't scare people into saying what they feel... this place is weak enough already